Rated Best Criminal Lawyers – Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph placed National Criminal Lawyers within the best criminal lawyers in Sydney. Stating: “When Sydney’s wealthy and powerful wind up in court there are a select few legal minds they turn to.”

ACQ5 Law Awards has awarded National Criminal Lawyers® the title Traffic Lawyers of the Year 2019.

ACQ5 has been celebrating achievement, innovation and brilliance in their annual awards for 12 years now. Award winners are chosen by the industry itself. Recipients of their awards represent the benchmark of achievement and best practice in their respective fields.

Acquisition International (AI) Leading Adviser Awards has awarded Principal of National Criminal Lawyers® Michael Moussa, with Leading Criminal Defence Lawyer of the Year 2019.

AI’s Leading Adviser Awards was established 5 years ago to acknowledge the most renowned and innovative professionals from around the world. The aim is to provide successful businesses and individuals with the recognition they deserve, and show each relevant industry, who they can seek quality guidance from. They select award recipients based on achievements, endeavours and efforts from the previous 12 months. They do not gather votes from firms, individuals in question or third parties.

APAC Legal Awards, in combination with Winners’ Review 2018 named National Criminal Lawyers®, Best Criminal Law Firm in 2018.

‘Making Justice A Priority’ outlines how the firm won such an honorary award. Out of approximately 120 criminal law firms in Sydney, National Criminal Lawyers® was chosen as the winner, setting a high benchmark for other firms to aim for. This was achieved through the firm’s excellent track record of results, client reviews and its dedication to client service. It is noted that we have extensive experience in the legal industry and have not shied away from difficult cases. We have successfully defended a child abduction case where police made a false arrest. It is expressed that Michael Moussa, Principal and Founder of the firm, has a reputation as a prominent criminal lawyer in Sydney and has represented infamous cases, including manslaughter charges of an Australian Federal Police officer. Mr Moussa’s dedication and passion for justice is accredited as the basis for his, and the firm’s, success.

(Left to Right: ACQ5 Law Awards 2019: Traffic Lawyers of the Year, Acquisition International Leading Adviser Awards 2019: Leading Criminal Defence Lawyer of the Year, Sydney, and Winners’ Review 2018 and APAC Best Criminal Law Firm Award)