Criminal & Traffic Lawyers Bankstown

Criminal Lawyers Bankstown

At National Criminal Lawyers® in Bankstown we specialise in and are extremely passionate about the criminal law and traffic matters; we live and breathe it. We have decades of combined experience and the team have been getting the best results for their clients since the beginning. This is guaranteed as we provide our clients with senior representation. Our sole focus is on criminal law, so our clients are in a fortunate position where we know the best and most successful path to take towards resolving their matter. What makes us unique is that we celebrate in our client’s success and our warm, pragmatic and empathetic approach sets us apart from our competitors. Our motto is we care about our clients and the results. After all, this is how we measure our success; by our results. Our referrals back up our message and our mission.

OUR MISSION is to strive to be the best and fairest criminal law firm in Bankstown and Greater Sydney. We are firm believers in life-long learning. This translates particularly well in our field of law; laws are always evolving, and judgments are reflective of changes in societal attitudes and values. Our lawyers are constantly engaging in professional development; researching new cases and papers published by leading experts in the field.

OUR VALUES: a law firm should provide every client a professional, honest and reliable service that does not cut corners, does not discriminate based on the charges, a person’s background or how much money they have. Every single client is important to us, no matter how big or small their charges are. A client file will never be placed in the top draw, allowed to collect dust. Our firm will ensure that our clients are informed and advised on all the issues, intricacies, steps and expectations of their case.

OUR PHILOSOPHY is that every person deserves access to justice no matter their age, income, sex, ethnicity, religion or disability. As soon as someone is charged with a criminal offence or is anticipating that the Police are investigating them in relation to a matter, they should get in contact with a criminal lawyer. Our senior criminal defence lawyers will guide them through the complex process. Different stages may be a hearing/trial or sentencing, depending upon the course our client chooses to take. There is a structure our firm follows, and this is designed to be tweaked to reflect the clients needs. In short, our lawyers will either negotiate with police on our client’s behalf; plead not guilty and represent them in a defended hearing or trial; plead guilty to the charge but not to the facts; or plead guilty to both the facts and charge(s). If the facts are not agreed to, we will represent our client at a ‘disputed facts’ hearing, to try to dismiss or lessen the charges they are facing. If both the facts and charge(s) are plead guilty to, our firm will present the Court with fundamental reasons as to why it should grant the most lenient sentence possible to our client.

Traffic Lawyers Bankstown

We know how common it is for individuals to go through rough patches in life and find themselves slipping up. Speeding, failing to stop at a red light, failing to undergo a breath test, or drink driving, are just some of the occurrences which happen from time to time for such people. Even just having a tough day has led to traffic infringements or criminal charges relating to drink driving. Our drink driving lawyers in Bankstown are experts in bringing fair and reasonable results to someone faced with such a charge. We have the ability and experience to inspire empathy from the Court and have our clients dealt with in such a manner. For these cases we encourage our clients to participate in a Traffic Offenders Program, write letters of apology and collect referral letters to assist their case. We are well known by the Magistrates of Bankstown Local Court, and around other Courts in Sydney. We know what it takes to get our clients the greatest leniency possible.

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National Criminal Lawyers ® | Bankstown

Leading criminal lawyers Blacktown

So, if you find yourself in a tough spot and you or anyone you know are under investigation or have been charged by police, please call National Criminal Lawyers® Bankstown on (02) 9893 1889 or 0415 179 794. Our mobile number is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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  • review rating 5  Michael was a very comforting, informative and intellectual lawyer that guided me from beginning, throughout and end of my case. He achieved a excellent result and an outstanding non-conviction. When all hope was lost, Michael re-gained my confidence in the justice system.

    thumb V

    review rating 5  One of my favourite clients to work with. Michael wants results, from his team, suppliers & partners. They are professional, approachable, open to new ideas and provide valuable feedback. They always make us feel welcome and let us help them with the numbers side of their business which is both rewarding & fun.

    thumb Matthew Mousa
  • review rating 5  Michael Moussa is the best in the west without any doubt in criminal matters. If you are lucky to get him and pay extra for his services it's money well spent. He is the king of supreme court bail applications. He got me out of jail from Supreme Court after my previous lawyers were telling me not to apply for bail .

    thumb Manjot Pannu

    review rating 5  I was represented by senior criminal defence lawyer Daniel Wilson from National Criminal Lawyers. Daniel prepared my matter for defended hearing but was also ready for all the possible outcomes. He knew all the case law and having a plan to show the weaknesses of the police case was able to negotiate an outcome with police which saw the dropping of a very serious charge and the watering down of the agreed facts to the point I received a non conviction in my case. I am so very grateful Daniel represented me and I highly recommend Daniel and National Criminal Lawyers

    thumb Gurdeep Singh
  • review rating 5  Guys don't waste your time with the others. National Criminal Lawyers is the real deal. They got me more than what I imagined at a fraction of the price. Superb Service. Thank you so much Michael!!!

    thumb Amanda Kuznetsov

    review rating 5  No doubt the best decision I have made is to go with this firm to represent me in my matter. Saw Michael presenting the matter in the court with high professionalism and confidence, he is someone who knows what he is talking about and the law very well. I knew I was in good hands when I heard him representing me in the court.

    thumb Shaan Sood (NCR)
  • review rating 5  Michael Moussa does what he says and says what he does. Initially I wanted to plead guilty until speaking to Michael from National Criminal Lawyers. He told me a defence exists in my matter and he would write to the police. My matter didn’t even make it to hearing. Even though I did a police recording a loop hole was found by Michael. Michael is an extremely good lawyer and very down to earth. Thank you Michael for everyone you did. I can now sleep well. We owe you the world. Mahmoud

    thumb AJ Waizi

    review rating 5  Michael's understanding of our situation is professional compassionate and understanding. All questions are answered directly with reassurance. We know we are in good hands with a positive outcome If by misfortune we require legal services again it would be National Criminal Lawyers. Highly Recommend!

    thumb Susan Manukonga
  • review rating 5  Thank you sincerely to Michael Moussa who did the inconceivable and get me non conviction for serious allegations which I feel utterly and bitterly remorseful for. When I called Michael the first time he immediately made me feel at ease. The judge respected him in Court and I was amazed with his professionalism, sense of humour and tone in Court. Thank you Michael.

    thumb Sami Saeed

    review rating 5  Michael Moussa stands heads and shoulders above the rest. He’s highly commendable as he strives to the best of his ability to advance the best interests of his clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Michael and his team.

    thumb dalvinder gill

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