BACKGROUND These last few weeks have seen some unprecedented measures taken out by State and Federal Governments for the COVID-19 Virus. Travelling overseas was the first restriction while interstate flights have now followed suit in a bid to slow down the curve of this spread. As
It is arguable that the average person essentially has their entire life on their phone. From contacts to personal photos, to financial account details. Access to a phone means access to their entire life. It is no wonder phone companies have focused on strong phone
Due to the lockdown practices, the Police across the country have stopped conducting static roadside tests of drivers for alcohol and drugs because of the risks to officers and the public from the coronavirus.  Does this mean you are free and to go down to
BACKGROUND Over the past few weeks, the COVID-19 crisis has spread across the globe and has now hit Australia at its heart as the country has officially gone into lock-down. Gyms, restaurants and many other locations have now closed. On the other hand, essential places such
BACKGROUND What exactly is Clearview AI? This private company uses a database of 3 billion images scraped together from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other websites, which allows agencies across the globe to use photos of suspects and reverse engineer to make an identity of the
The boys in blue. As children we all looked up to police as being the “good guys”. Playing cops and robbers was a fun game leading to the exhilarating moment of catching the bad guy. While it is indeed exciting and fun as children, pretending
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