The Royal Commission into banking misconduct concluded with the board recommending that Criminal Charges be laid against some of Australia’s biggest banks. The Commission has also demanded that the banks return over 1 billion dollars to consumers effected by the scandal.The recommendation followed a lengthy
It is has been reported a police officer  fatally punched his baby son. His ex-wife, Debbra Chambers has called for tougher sentences on baby killing. The baby, Kye, was 10-week-old and died June 2014, the first time he was left alone with his father. He claimed he
In our role as Criminal Lawyers Sydney, we are often approached with some very interesting cases. It is further often said that there are three (3) truths to every criminal case; what the client says is the truth, what the police say is the truth
TIPS FOR CHOOSING A CRIMINAL LAWYER SYDNEY How do you choose the best lawyer for your criminal charge? Like any other product the wise consumer conducts thorough research before making an informed decision. Once you secure several lawyer referrals with expertise in the appropriate criminal practice
UNREASONABLE USE OF POLICE FORCE If anyone watched the Report last night (on 21 January 2019) they would have seen several different stories on how Victorian police in full sight of CCTV abused and assaulted different persons from different walks of life who they were having
SEXUAL TOUCHING Say a male is watching the cricket and his girlfriend comes up to him to engage him in sex or even a sexual act. Assumes, he says “no
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