Sexual assault reports are at an all-time high in NSW, with statistics released on Thursday showing a 12 per cent increase in recorded victims in the last year. During 2017, 9847 victims went to police across the state - a rise from last year's 8795 according
LAWYER X To be honest, i'm outraged. I’m outraged as again I’ve discovered that there is a very fine line between entrapment and illegality vis-vis undercover/covert police work. It is yet another time where authorities have let the Nation down. The High Court even described police's use
Often it is the case that police need to search those (and detain) suspects when they [the police]  believe that the detainee may be committing an offence. It may be the case that police detain and search someone, however no criminal charges have actually been
DO TERRORIST OR RADICALS DESERVE A SECOND CHANCE? The purpose of this article is to pose the question do terrorist or radicals deserve a second chance? As a Sydney criminal lawyer, in determining my answer I seek to remain impartial and in doing so discuss (1)
OUR SENIOR CRIMINAL LAWYER TAKES HIS SUBMISSIONS TO THE NEXT LEVELToday justice was seen and done where our Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer, Mr Daniel Wilson persuaded a Local Court Magistrate that a Section 10 was appropriate. Section 10 is when strong submissions are made by your
SCHOOL ZONE SPEED LIMITS During the School year you must respect the laws and responsibilities that come with driving in a school zone. But what exactly are those rules? In this short article we have set out an overview of school zones, so you know how
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