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Western Sydney’s renowned specialist criminal law firm National Criminal Lawyers® is highly sought out. The team is led by Mr Michael Moussa, Principal of the firm. He has won Best Criminal Lawyer Sydney, and the firm has been awarded Best Criminal Law Firm and Best Traffic Lawyers. The firm’s lawyers have a reputation for being some of the leading advocates in Greater Sydney. Their devotion to their clients, unique style of providing representation, and expert service of providing legal advice sets them apart from the rest. The firm stands out as having a unique and effective game plan for their clients; offering four options, tailored to suit their client’s needs. These address possible outcomes from the outset. Our lawyers assess the Brief of Evidence, and based on our client’s instructions, implement a strategy to achieve the best outcome possible.

The four options available are:

  1. Negotiate with police – this involves highly skilled negotiating with the Police to try have the charge(s) reduced to be less serious or have them withdrawn completely. This is a first point of call for us and a crucial step in finalising a matter.
  2. Plead not guilty – this takes the matter to a full trial to defend the charges. Our lawyers truly excel in this process through their advocacy skills. We have a success rate of 83% in defending clients with a result of acquittal.
  3. Plead guilty to the offence(s) but not the facts – this takes us to a ‘disputed facts’ hearing. Here we also use our advocacy skills to fight for the facts to be amended, to reflect a less serious offence, and encourage charges to be amended.
  4. Plead guilty to both the facts and the offence – this brings the matter straight to sentence.

If a plea of guilty is entered, our lawyers provide the Court with evidence as to why our client should be dealt with as leniently as possible. We rely on things such as psychologist reports, letters of apology showing remorse or contrition, and personal histories to illustrate our point. Our lawyers are very well known and respected by Magistrates and Judges all around Courts in Sydney and NSW. This provides our clients with some comfort knowing that they are in reliable hands.

National Criminal Lawyers® highly regards ethics and strives to uphold fundamental principles of criminal law. They will represent clients to the best of their ability no matter how big or small the matter is, what the client’s economic status is, nor their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or any other distinguishing feature about them. They truly believe that everyone is equal before the law and that everyone deserves the right to legal representation.

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Not only do we at National Criminal Lawyers® represent clients through all kinds of criminal cases, but we also specialise in traffic law matters. These can be anything from a simple speeding ticket, driving through a red traffic light, driving while suspended, to negligent driving, failing to provide a breath analysis or driving under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances. We know all too well that people from all walks of life make errors on the roads, big and small. We have represented a variety of clients; doctors, other lawyers, tradesmen, bankers, truck drivers, you name it. Human error is sometimes unavoidable; and we are here to help our clients avoid serious detriment to their lives because of this. We know how important a license is for one’s livelihood and independence. We try our best to retain this privilege for our clients. For more serious crimes, we do our best to avoid criminal conviction for our clients. We know the prospect of a criminal record is incredibly stressful, and can affect many things such as employment and travel.

So, if you find yourself in a tough spot and you or anyone you know are under investigation or have been charged by police, please call National Criminal Lawyers® Parramatta on (02) 9893 1889 or 0415 179 794. Our mobile number is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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  • review rating 5  Guys don't waste your time with the others. National Criminal Lawyers is the real deal. They got me more than what I imagined at a fraction of the price. Superb Service. Thank you so much Michael!!!

    thumb Amanda Kuznetsov

    review rating 5  I am so grateful to National Criminal Lawyers for the outstanding work they did on my case in such a small time frame. My ex partner made some very serious allegations against me which would have seen me in jail for a long period. I was assured I had a case and it was vigorously defended and today I walk free.. Thank you Michael Moussa for always having my best interests at heart. You are an amazing person and even better lawyer. Thanks again!!!! 👏✌️

    thumb ravi kumar
  • review rating 5  You will not find a better team of lawyers to work with! They are truly dedicated to what they do and make you feel comfortable from start to end. Thank you for the great result guys. But a special thanks especially to Michael and Alev for working so hard on my case.

    thumb Mickey Sanki

    review rating 5  Michael Moussa is very professional and a extremely good lawyer. He has excellent communication skills and has been available at all hours to answer any questions I have. I highly recommend him. National criminal lawyers provide the best service. Thank you for all the hard work you put in behind the scenes.

    thumb Steven Hanna
  • review rating 5  Guys if you are lucky to get Michael Moussa you case is covered. These guys go above and beyond. The best criminal laawyers in Sydney without a doubt. Thanks for all your professionalism and love you put into your clients and a special thank you to Michael for having my best interests at heart.

    thumb Andy Nguyen

    review rating 5  It was definitely a wise choice to choose Michael as my laywer, I compared couple of best lawyers in Sydney but was impressed by Michael's capability and his always prompt response no matter when and where, he even helped me to look at my case while he was in holidays away from Australia. From 18 Jan I was so scared after being investigated by the police, but Michael helped me out and stopped the police from giving me any charges. I knew this couldn't be easily achieved I had chosen other lawyer. Thank you so much Michael and I sincerely wish you all the best.

    thumb Lingzhi Zhao
  • review rating 5  Def without a doubt the best lawyers in town. I had Michael Moussa from an appeal to District court for local court hearing where my previous lawyers screwed up my case. In two days he went through the full file and aced it. Now I can continue my life without a criminal conviction and continue with my career. I am indebted to this firm!

    thumb Mohammed Ahmed

    review rating 5  I was represented by senior criminal defence lawyer Daniel Wilson from National Criminal Lawyers. Daniel prepared my matter for defended hearing but was also ready for all the possible outcomes. He knew all the case law and having a plan to show the weaknesses of the police case was able to negotiate an outcome with police which saw the dropping of a very serious charge and the watering down of the agreed facts to the point I received a non conviction in my case. I am so very grateful Daniel represented me and I highly recommend Daniel and National Criminal Lawyers

    thumb Gurdeep Singh
  • review rating 5  I would like to extend my thanks to Mr Michael Moussa for his professionalism, calm and empathetic manner when dealing with us. Especially during times when our options appeared limited, from the beginning he provided us with clear and directive advice. In all interactions Mr Moussa was helpful and responsive to all our questions and concerns, always keeping our best interest in mind throughout the case. Our family is eternally grateful for his amazing service and I would recommend Michael Moussa without reservation.

    thumb Tamzyn Hargreaves

    review rating 5  I have used Michael Moussa for matters relating to my brother in all Courts of NSW (district and Supreme). He is a very good lawyer because he has great attention to detail with fantastic experience. He recently got my brother bail for very serious allegations which he has spent time for in custody before. I have no doubt Michael will help defend my brother for his new matters. For a lawyer that knows his stuff dont bother with others. Thanks for all your commitments Michael

    thumb Saheba Naziry

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