Criminal Lawyers Fairfield

Criminal Lawyers Fairfield

National Criminal Lawyers® in Fairfield is a specialist criminal law firm, with a client base from all around Sydney and NSW. Our commitment to our clients is unlike any other firm in Sydney – this is why our firm is one of the most sought-after firms in the State. Our approach is simple; we believe in upholding the most fundamental principles of law and ensure this is carried out in practice. We know everyone has the right to legal representation, to a fair trial, and is innocent until proven guilty. We represent everyone fairly and without judgment, no matter how much money they have, their status in life, their age, religion, culture or gender. We put 110% effort into all our client’s cases, no matter how big or small the charges are.

With these principles at the forefront of our minds, we then provide a stand-out offering: a personalised, tailored plan of action to suit each client’s needs. This is determined by considering their personal circumstances, and the charges they are facing. We have four general options to offer our clients; the first is to negotiate with police on their behalf. This is highly desirable and recommended in any case. The goal is to have the police amend or dismiss the charges altogether. If they amend the charges this will be to reflect a less serious offence. The next option is to plead not guilty and go to a defended hearing. This is where our lawyers truly excel; we are advocacy specialists. This is because our team is led by Michael Moussa, Principal of the firm, who has been named one of Sydney’s fiercest criminal lawyers. His passion for advocacy is obvious at first sight. We have an excellent record of about 83% successfully defending matters that make it to trial. The last two options that we offer our clients are to plead guilty. One option is to plead guilty to the offence but not the facts. This takes us to a ‘disputed facts’ hearing. We take this opportunity to disprove the facts as alleged by police, ensuring the Court sentences our client in a manner that is appropriate to the facts as confirmed by our client. The final option is to plead guilty to both the facts and the offence. If this is the option we must take, we then represent our clients at a sentence hearing. We gather as much evidence as we can to show the Court why our client should be dealt with as leniently as possible, achieving a just result.

Our advocates are very well known and respected by Judges and Magistrates around Sydney and NSW. This ensures we know how to present our client’s case in the best and most appropriate manner.

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Traffic offences can vary from trivial to very serious. Our team are dedicated to representing our clients in the most efficient and effective way, to get the best results possible, no matter what the charge. We know and understand how detrimental any consequence of a traffic matter can be. This could be anything from a fine, to suspension or disqualification from driving, even to conviction and gaol time. We provide our clients with the basis of how to put their best case forward; we recommend several different traffic offenders programs to prove to the Court that they are sorry and willing to do what it takes to prove they are responsible people. We highlight to the Court our client’s need to keep their license; the loss of a license can lead to loss of employment, causing undue hardship. We provide advice on what kinds of documents should be gathered, i.e. apology letters, letters of reference from responsible people and employers, and any traffic or criminal history. Drink driving lawyers in Fairfield are experts in this very specific area of law. From 20 May 2019, strict new laws are coming into force involving low range drink driving. New penalties include automatic suspension for 6 months and hefty fines. Our advocates are conducting high level research to figure out what options future clients will have when dealing with such a charge.

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National Criminal Lawyers ® | Fairfield

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So, if you find yourself in a tough spot and you or anyone you know are under investigation or have been charged by police, please call National Criminal Lawyers® Fairfield on (02) 9893 1889 or 0415 179 794. Our mobile number is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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  • review rating 5  It was definitely a wise choice to choose Michael as my laywer, I compared couple of best lawyers in Sydney but was impressed by Michael's capability and his always prompt response no matter when and where, he even helped me to look at my case while he was in holidays away from Australia. From 18 Jan I was so scared after being investigated by the police, but Michael helped me out and stopped the police from giving me any charges. I knew this couldn't be easily achieved I had chosen other lawyer. Thank you so much Michael and I sincerely wish you all the best.

    thumb Lingzhi Zhao

    review rating 5  I can honestly say that Michael has put all his time and effort into helping my brother get the best possible outcome. During our court duration, we came to realise that his knowledge and experience is extensive. We were updated regularly about the matter and felt completely comfortable from the day we met him. Highly recommend National Criminal Lawyers!!!

    thumb Seher Ozcan
  • review rating 5  Michael Moussa stands heads and shoulders above the rest. He’s highly commendable as he strives to the best of his ability to advance the best interests of his clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Michael and his team.

    thumb dalvinder gill

    review rating 5  Michael Moussa is the best in the west without any doubt in criminal matters. If you are lucky to get him and pay extra for his services it's money well spent. He is the king of supreme court bail applications. He got me out of jail from Supreme Court after my previous lawyers were telling me not to apply for bail .

    thumb Manjot Pannu
  • review rating 5  Thank you sincerely to Michael Moussa who did the inconceivable and get me non conviction for serious allegations which I feel utterly and bitterly remorseful for. When I called Michael the first time he immediately made me feel at ease. The judge respected him in Court and I was amazed with his professionalism, sense of humour and tone in Court. Thank you Michael.

    thumb Sami Saeed

    review rating 5  No doubt the best decision I have made is to go with this firm to represent me in my matter. Saw Michael presenting the matter in the court with high professionalism and confidence, he is someone who knows what he is talking about and the law very well. I knew I was in good hands when I heard him representing me in the court.

    thumb Shaan Sood (NCR)
  • review rating 5  Michael was a very comforting, informative and intellectual lawyer that guided me from beginning, throughout and end of my case. He achieved a excellent result and an outstanding non-conviction. When all hope was lost, Michael re-gained my confidence in the justice system.

    thumb V

    review rating 5  I highly recommend Michael Moussa as he helped me with my criminal case. He was up front and honest with me from the beginning and kept in contact with me through the whole process. He believed in me and I couldn’t have got through it without his help.

    thumb Tyler Walzak
  • review rating 5  Michael Moussa does what he says and says what he does. Initially I wanted to plead guilty until speaking to Michael from National Criminal Lawyers. He told me a defence exists in my matter and he would write to the police. My matter didn’t even make it to hearing. Even though I did a police recording a loop hole was found by Michael. Michael is an extremely good lawyer and very down to earth. Thank you Michael for everyone you did. I can now sleep well. We owe you the world. Mahmoud

    thumb AJ Waizi

    review rating 5  Michael Moussa is very professional and a extremely good lawyer. He has excellent communication skills and has been available at all hours to answer any questions I have. I highly recommend him. National criminal lawyers provide the best service. Thank you for all the hard work you put in behind the scenes.

    thumb Steven Hanna

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