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Senior Counsels/ Queens Counsel

National Criminal LawyersTM works closely with both Senior Counsel to increase your chances of having your criminal charges dropped or reduced. Our Sydney Criminal Lawyers work with the following Senior Counsel’s:

Winston Terracini SC

Winston Terracini SC

Winston Terracini SC is a Barrister from Sir Owen Dixon Chambers in Sydney.

His areas of practice are Appellate, Common Law, Coronial Inquests / Commissions of Inquiry, Criminal Law, Family Law, Intentional Torts and Wills and Estates.

He is arguably Australia’s most prominent Barrister. Known to be one of the best, most senior leading Criminal Defence Barristers specialising in serious criminal matters. Terracini is well known for taking on complex murder and manslaughter cases. Terracini has defended a number of high profile clients.

To know more about Winston Terracini SC, click here.

Greg James QC

Greg James QC

Greg James QC is a Barrister from 11 Floor Garfield Barwick Chambers in Sydney. We instruct Greg James in serious criminal cases.

His practice areas are Appellate, Common Law, Criminal Law, Inquiries/Inquests and Administrative Law. Greg James has returned to the Bar after serving as a Supreme Court Judge, Royal Commissioner.

He is recognised as one of Sydney’s top Barristers with his extensive experience in Criminal Law matters, Sentencing and Appeals.

To know more about Greg James QC, click here.

Tony Bellanto QC

Tony Bellanto QC

Tony Bellanto QC is a Barrister from Trust Chambers in Sydney.

His area of specialty is Criminal law, Trial advocacy, Sentencing and Appeals. He has been a Barrister for over 50 years.

He gets great results because of his extensive experience, persuasive style and attention to detail, we really value Mr Bellanto at National Criminal Lawyers®.

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Greg Smith SC

Greg Smith SC

Greg Smith SC is a Barrister who we instruct from Forbes Chambers in Sydney.

His practice area is Criminal law – both trials and appeals, Commissions of inquiry, Professional disciplinary matters and Inquests.

He is well respected in the Courtroom and known as one of the best Australian leading criminal Barristers who has extensive knowledge and power to persuade in the Courtroom.

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