While it is a controversial topic, there are many parents out there who prefer to give their kids a smack as a way to discipline them, rather then alternative measures. Whereas some parents find hitting a child, no matter how softly you do it, absolutely deplorable.

But is smacking your kids even legal?

The answer to the above question according to the current law is: it’s not illegal to smack your children in NSW. However, there are conditions.

It’s definitely a controversial topic but according to the law, it’s not illegal to smack your children in Australia. However, there are conditions. According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies:

“In some jurisdictions, a parent’s right to use corporal punishment is provided for in legislation, while others it is provided for by the common law. All Australian states and territories condone (in principle) the use of force by a parent, but way of correction, towards a child”


In NSW the law specifies that physical punishment by a parent “shouldn’t harm a child more than briefly” and limits the use of excessive physical force to punish children to only where there is a need for “lawful correction”. For a greater discussion on this issue please click here 



Lawful correction is a valid defence. However it can only be raised in relation to a response to a child related charge. Moreover, the defence defines the circumstances in which correction of children can be raised.



The NSW Crimes Act sets out when a person who has been charged with a criminal offence upon a child, it is open for them to raise a defence of lawful correction. In particular Section 61AA of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) sets the defence.


(1) In criminal proceedings brought against a person arising out of the application of physical force to a child, it is a defence that the force was applied for the purpose of the punishment of the child, but only if:
(a) the physical force was applied by the parent of the child or by a person acting for a parent of the child, and
(b) the application of that physical force was reasonable having regard to the age, health, maturity or other characteristics of the child, the nature of the alleged misbehaviour or other circumstances.



Suffice to say the force used on the child must be for punishment of the child.

The force must also be as follows:

  • Applied by the parent or a person acting for a parent of the child; and
  • Be reasonable having regard to the physical and mental characteristics of the child, what the child did or other circumstances.

The force will not be reasonable if:

  • It is applied to the neck or head of the child unless it was trivial or negligible; and
  • The force is likely to cause harm to a child that last for more than a short period.

The accused must prove the defence of lawful correction on the balance of probabilities. The defence of Lawful correction does not prevent other defences from being raised.

For a list of all other defences please visit our dedicated defences pages.


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