How do you choose the best lawyer for your criminal charge? Like any other product the wise consumer conducts thorough research before making an informed decision. Once you secure several lawyer referrals with expertise in the appropriate criminal practice area, you should carefully research each prospective candidate. Below are some tips on how to go about choosing the best lawyer for your legal needs.


From inception of your case most criminal lawyers will make the first conference free. In this conference you should interview/question the lawyer to ascertain if you are a match. Not all lawyers will match however finding out quickly as opposed to later is imperative. Thus, in the first interview it is pertinent to ask some questions.



What experience level does the lawyer have in your type of criminal legal matter?

Note all experience is not the same. Years of experience working on corporate law is not the same as courtroom experience defending criminal charges. Make sure you find a lawyer that specialises in your area/charges.

You can also check a lawyer up at the Law Society in NSW to see what specialisation he/she has.

How long has he/she been in practice?

Remember an experienced lawyer will probably cost more than a lawyer fresh out of law school. For the best quality you might need to pay a little more however your success rate is improved. Moreover, seeing it’s your reputation and/or your liberty at stake it is in my view worthwhile to consider digging a little deeper to ensure results as far as they can do go your way.


What is his/her track record of success?

There is always an element of unknown when it comes to the law. Your lawyer cannot guarantee a specific outcome to your case. However, if you choose a lawyer that has good testimonies and a proven track record of success you will sleep a lot easier I the knowledge they know exactly what there are doing.


What percentage of his/her caseload is dedicated to handling your type of legal problem?

Some lawyers practice in many areas i.e. family, employment and corporate and criminal. You should instead of risking it engage a lawyer that practices solely in Criminal law. A criminal law only solicitor does nothing but criminal law and as such are best equipped to handle your case.


How will your lawyer inform you of developments in your case?

Decisions relating to your case can’t be made on a whim. Find a lawyer that will explain your options from plea bargains to sentencing to trail or hearing. Every decision you make carries lasting consequences and you need information to make an informed choice.

Make sure you choose a lawyer that can keep you informed.




Trust your feelings. Trust and commitment, two qualities that you must find in every individual, but especially your solicitor. You need one you can trust and know that he/she will do everything legally possible to obtain the best outcome in your case. As such ask how does your prospective lawyer make you feel? You want someone that will act as your advisor, someone who goes about explaining your options and then letting you choose. If your lawyer makes you uncomfortable or pressures you into deciding, choose someone else.


Look for confidence, not arrogance. There is always an element of unknown when it comes to the law. Your lawyer cannot guarantee a specific outcome to your case. Choose a lawyer that will build a strong case through preparation; not one that fills your mind with promises they can’t guarantee.


Choose a lawyer with a passion for criminal law and human rights. You don’t want a lawyer that is just doing their job representing you. You need a lawyer that loves their work. Look for a lawyer that will listen to your story, show interest and fight for you. Look for a lawyer that is interested in defending your human rights.


Check google and other testimonials. A great lawyer will have a reputation to match. Ask friends and trusted associates which lawyers they recommend. You want someone with more good recommendations than bad.


You need a lawyer you can understand. Lawyers might use specialised terms in court or when preparing legal documents, but when they are talking to you, they should speak clearly using terms you will understand.


Find a lawyer with courtroom experience; just in case. Heading to court is expensive, but sometimes is the best option for your case. You need a lawyer that isn’t afraid to go to court and represent you.

Testimonials: Testimonials is an important consideration for a person choosing a criminal lawyer. What other clients have said about that solicitor is important as generally these reviews show a lot about the lawyer in terms of his/her style, conduct, professionalism and demeanor.



National Criminal Lawyers only employ the best Criminal Lawyers Sydney has to offer. Moreover, we have been successful in having thousands of offences dealt with by way of no recording of a conviction or dismissal.  



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