Vicious assault and murder

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National Criminal Lawyers we have seen it all. That said in what is consisted a vicious and horrific assault and murder which included gouging out his wife’s eyes because she was ‘the Islamic anti-Christ’ to genital mutilation which left a corpse. Detectives could not identify this which has caused a stir of discussion.

The details of the trial are for the most part secret and only available through some media who were granted clearances to report[1].

Suffice to say the trial against the Melbourne jihadi named as RB horrified even the supreme court judge who presided over the trial. The identity of the man who slaughtered his wife will never be known, not even to the prison mates he’ll spend the rest of his life with. Only a select few namely his traumatized children and a handful of disgusted journalists know the face and name of the Islamic State sympathizer who murdered his wife.

In media reports from the Court it was revealed that the victims three young children watched as their radicalized father killed their mother. This was a crime that shook the whole country. The victim became the target of the murders: ‘Domination, emotional abuse and physical assaults. Two of the children watched as their father ripped their mothers right eye out and flushed it down the toilet and as he cut off her fingers and put them insider her lower orifices. The children then watched as he wrapped her body in a blanket, a plastic sheet and electrical tape and bundled it into the back of the family Corolla. They would later tell mortified police that their father ‘slaughtered’ their mother by using a ‘big white knife.

After the murder he put the children in the car and drove to the nearby Dallas tennis club where he buried her body under the cover of darkness. The next morning, a jogger found the body in the bushes. The police were called, forensics arrived but the body had suffered so many stab wounds that they could not at first determine the gender.

Many of her injuries had been inflicted over a long period. The body mapped out each vicious beating, it showed months of abuse.

The victims jaw was fractured, her skull was split, her teeth broken, and her small bowel was damaged. The pathologist could see she most likely died from blood loss, but they still couldn’t identify her.

After 17 days police arrived on the killer’s doorstep. They were there because an anonymous person had tipped them off to the welfare of the children.

Police arrested him on the spot, not for the brutal murder of the children’s mother but for the abuse he had clearly inflicted on them.

They were bruised, malnourished and dehydrated. One, a little girl, had burns from a hot iron on her body.

They were living in squalor, their beds soaked through with urine. One of the children’s nappy, unchanged in days.

Two days late police realized the children’s mother was missing and the mystery behind the mutilated body unraveled.

DNA tests from the children confirmed it was her.

The pathologist later paired the wounds to the instruments in the house. A white handled knife, some cleavers, an axe and a pair of scissors had left the different markings on the body.

She was alive when he cut out her eye and he had raped her during the murder.

The defence claimed his actions were influenced by a meth-induced psychosis.

The prosecutor argued his extremist Islamic beliefs had influenced the killer.

In sentencing Judge Lasry wrote one thing he could see clearly, was that the man showed absolutely no remorse.

‘You have displayed no regret or remorse for something you accept you have done.’

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