National Criminal Lawyers® is regarded as one of Sydney’s most respected criminal law firms. Unlike other firms, National Criminal Lawyers® focuses solely on criminal law as well as traffic-related offences. What does this mean for our clients? It means that our firm offers specialised knowledge and experience in defending the rights of existing and future clients both inside and outside the Courtroom.

National Criminal Lawyers® was founded by Michael Moussa, Principal of the firm. Michael Moussa is one of Sydney’s most fierce lawyers and is ranked best criminal defence lawyer in Sydney. Throughout his career, Michael Moussa has dealt with a number of high-profile cases and achieved incredible results. He is well-known in the legal industry and respected by NSW Police and Prosecutors state-wide. Michael Moussa is assisted by the experience and dedication of his team at National Criminal Lawyers®. The solicitors at the firm offer a senior lawyer guarantee. They understand how the law works and the legal processes required of both parties. It is this knowledge and expertise that separates National Criminal Lawyers® from other firms. The team works hard to deliver the best legal experience to their clients and ensures that legal advice is individually tailored to suit the unique circumstances of each case. As a result, the firm embeds three main values throughout their legal practice: Commitment to Quality, Hard-work and Focus and Loyalty to Clients.

Every person who has been charged with a criminal offence faces the risk of serious penalties. These penalties may be in the form of monetary/financial loss, criminal convictions or the most severe sentence of imprisonment. That is why individuals must look for the best criminal lawyers in Sydney and there is no need to look further than National Criminal Lawyers®.



National Criminal Lawyers® deal with a range of criminal matters including possession of an illegal drug, aggravated sexual assault and murder/manslaughter. Types of offences also include damage to property, public order offences and dishonesty offences relating to fraud and larceny. The criminal law specialists at the firm also deal with Commonwealth offences. Examples include human trafficking, terrorism and people smuggling. These types of offences are considered much more serious and carry severe penalties. For a list of all criminal offences handled at National Criminal Lawyers®, click here.

The team at National Criminal Lawyers® have also been regarded as Sydney’s leading traffic lawyers. Have you been charged with drink driving, driving whilst suspended or negligent driving? If so, National Criminal Lawyers® are the firm to call. For traffic-related offences such as speeding or red light camera, clients have also sought legal advice to elect the matter to be dealt with in Court. This means that rather than immediately paying the fine and subsequently losing demerit points, our office will advise on the available defences for your case and if there is merit to proceed and defend your charges, our office will do so. For a list of all driving and traffic offences dealt with at the firm, click here.


National Criminal Lawyers® have achieved outstanding results over the years. In 94% of cases, our dedicated solicitors achieved a non-conviction for their clients. This means that no criminal conviction was recorded. Having a criminal conviction on your record may impact a number of future choices including employment, travel and overseas study. Our clients were extremely satisfied with this result and grateful for the team’s efforts to ensure this result. The services offered by National Criminal Lawyers® do not stop here. If our office forms the opinion that NSW police have unnecessarily delayed the Court process or otherwise exceeded their duties according to NSW legislation, our office will also pursue costs against the NSW police. Our office has succeeded in 78% of these cases. At National Criminal Lawyers® we understand that authorities sometimes get it wrong. Therefore, we work hard to ensure that justice prevails and any defendant who has been mistreated in the legal system is compensated accordingly.

The success of National Criminal Lawyers® has been recognised by several institutions. In 2018, the APAC Legal Awards, in combination with Winners’ Review 2018, named National Criminal Lawyers®, Best Criminal Law Firm in 2018. In 2019, ACQ5 Law Awards awarded National Criminal Lawyers® the title Traffic Lawyers of the Year 2019. Also in 2019, Acquisition International (AI) Leading Adviser Awards awarded Principal of National Criminal Lawyers® Michael Moussa, with Leading Criminal Defence Lawyer of the Year 2019. For more information on these honorary awards, click here.


The solicitors at National Criminal Lawyers® are available to contact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The firm also offers a free and confidential initial consultation at one of our five locations: Sydney, Parramatta, Blacktown, Bankstown and Wollongong. This will provide individuals with the opportunity to meet the team, explain their circumstances and receive initial plan according to the information provided. If you have been charged with a criminal offence and looking for the best defenders of your rights, contact National Criminal Lawyers® today to arrange a conference.

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