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Michael Moussa is the Principal Lawyer of National Criminal Lawyers and exclusively specialises in Criminal Law. Michael is both a member of the Law Society and also a member of the Criminal Division of the legal aid panel. Michael has worked with some of the best Criminal Law firms in the Country and has obtained outstanding results in what others may describe as some of the most complex of cases. Michael is a renowned criminal lawyer for his advocacy skills and putting the prosecution to vigorous testing. Michael’s courtroom style and demonstrated ability to crack even the most compelling witnesses has led to him being nationally recognised as a fine criminal defence lawyer.

Michael has appeared in high profile criminal cases, including “manslaughter” charges, “Acts of indecency” “Abduction” charges. Appearing daily in the Local Courts, District Courts, Supreme Court of NSW, and the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal, Michael is passionate about ensuring that justice is seen and served for all his clients and gains no better satisfaction than winning his cases, regardless of how small or complex the matter is. Michael is a trial advocate who has appeared before a jury and obtained acquittals in a number of supply drug charges.

Michael also specialises in Apprehended Domestic Violence Order applications, parole hearings, NSW Crime Commission proceedings and Coronial Inquests. Some of the best advocates of our time, including Supreme Court Judges and Senior Counsel, have mentored Michael’s rise as a criminal lawyer. He is only one of the very limited criminal lawyers in Australia who has completed a Masters in Law (Criminal Practice).

Michael has an Egyptian Australian background and speaks Arabic fluently. He has a large middle eastern clientele in western Sydney. He has a wealth of experience in complex and serious criminal cases, and possesses the skill to digest enormous amounts of material, issue resolve, whilst formulating the best of case strategies that will result in the dismissal of charges and not guilty verdicts. Michael has conducted a number of presentations for advocacy which has allowed him to be a highly-respected courtroom lawyer.

Michael has become an advocate for those mistreated by the police. His passion is helping those who have been made vulnerable and aggrieved by the improper conduct of police during a person’s arrest. He is an advocate who ensures that both the NSW and Federal Police conduct their inquiries within the parameters of the law. He gets no greater pleasure than when a client of his is acquitted and the police are forced to pay their legal costs and then damages in a civil court.

Michael prides himself on providing clear and accurate legal advice, with a careful assessment of each case. He takes pleasure in securing the best possible result for his clients, helping to bring them a step closer to putting their lives back on track. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the criminal field ensuring that all clients are treated fairly during all proceedings. He continues to strive to protect the rights of those who have been accused of criminal offences. Michael is a dedicated, focused and ambitious Criminal Lawyer who is a defender of the rights of those charged with Criminal and Traffic offences.

If you wish to get in contact with Michael for a FREE consultation for any of your legal issues, contact National Criminal Lawyer’s office on 02 9893 1889 and our warm and caring administration team will schedule an appointment that’s suitable to both parties.

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Tia Herd

Criminal Defence Lawyer (LLB, GDLP)


0413 517 010

Tia is a highly astute criminal defence lawyer with an exceptional record of producing outstanding results in a range of criminal and traffic matters. She regularly appears in courts throughout New South Wales including Local Court, District Court and Supreme Court. Tia has represented clients in matters such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, assault, drug possession or supply, stalk or intimidate, sexual assault, damage property, fraud, robbery, wounding, apprehended violence order matters, etc.

Tia has appeared in sentence, defended hearings, severity appeals, conviction appeals, bail applicationssection 32 applications/ section 14 applications and annulment applications.

Tia has represented defendants and complainants in criminal proceedings — She understands that sometimes, statements are provided to police in circumstances where a complainant may not have been in the right state of mind for a range of reasons.

Tia has an in-depth knowledge of criminal law, practice and procedure making her a fierce advocate. She has achieved phenomenal outcomes in circumstances where the prosecution’s case from the surface may appear strong. Tia is a fighter and will go above and beyond to vigorously defend clients.

Tia often successfully negotiates with the NSW Police resulting in charges being withdrawn and dismissed and defended hearings not being required. She has an eye for detail and will critically analyse a brief of evidence in criminal matters, identify deficiencies in the prosecution’s case and develop strategies that can be implemented to achieve the best outcomes.  In some situations, she will even liaise with forensic experts or serve subpoenas if she is of the view it is advantageous to do so. She will leave no stone unturned.

Tia is not afraid to put pressure on the NSW Police, particularly in situations where there is an issue with noncompliance. Her objective is to always get the best result for her clients and therefore, she puts a lot of emphasis upon the NSW Police complying with orders made by the court. Tia has in the past made cost applications for adjournments where there has been unreasonable conduct or delays by the NSW Police pursuant to section 216 of the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 (NSW).

Tia is trusted by her valued clients towards whom she shows great compassion, empathy and understanding. She is committed to providing clients with honest advice with respect to their case.

In the courtroom, Tia has earned respect for her formidable legal knowledge and advocacy skills.  Tia is a very persuasive lawyer that is dedicated to ensuring her preparation for a matter is formulated upon comprehensive research. She acknowledges how life-changing a criminal proceeding can be for a client and strives to deliver the best possible outcome.

Outside of work, Tia enjoys visiting her family in Queensland. Tia grew up and completed her Bachelor of Laws degree in Queensland before relocating to Sydney. She is one of the few criminal lawyers that have interstate experience.

From a young age, she has had an interest in crime. Growing up instead of watching cartoons, she enjoyed watching the crime scene investigation (CSI) channel. As she got older it was apparent English and science was her strength at school.

In her second year of university, she took part in the annual mooting competition for her first and only time and was the champion for her advocacy skills. She was then invited to represent the university in a national mooting competition held in South Australia the following year.

Initially, Tia commenced her undergraduate degree with the intention of becoming a lawyer for the Director of Public Prosecution (‘DPP’). However, in her third year of university, she witnessed someone close to her being mistreated by the police and soon realised her calling was to be a criminal defence lawyer. Tia understands the significance of a charge and the implications it can have upon a person’s future.

Tia embodies the qualities that make her a valuable criminal defence lawyer to National Criminal Lawyers®. She is intelligent, hardworking, loyal and produces results. A guilty plea to Tia is always a last resort and in most cases, the plea is only entered once the facts sheet has been amended to reflect the criminality, including mitigating factors and delete details that are opinions from NSW police officers or irrelevant.

Tia will not hesitate to list a matter for a disputed facts hearing and challenge the NSW Police in circumstances where they do not wish to support the proposed amendments sort to the facts sheet. She has the experience to know a poorly written facts sheet can lead to a harsher penalty being imposed. Tia will not cut any corners when it comes to representing her clients.

Tia chose National Criminal Lawyers because the firm resonated with her values. Tia is a fighter at heart and National Criminal Lawyers is comprised of a team that goes above and beyond to get the best results. Principal Lawyer, Michael Moussa and Tia have worked closely together on a number of high profile cases.

Tia is a very capable criminal defence lawyer, and this is reflective in her client testimonials:


During initial consultation, Tia provided great clarity as to what all the possible outcomes of my court proceedings would be whilst giving extremely clear and concise advice for us to follow. Following this, all promises were met, and thanks to Tia the entire process was extremely stress-free, eye-opening and a lot more enjoyable than initially expected. Would highly recommend.

More specifically there were a lot of mistakes made by the NSW Police Force in handling my incident and Tia was extremely efficient in discerning these errors, and went above and beyond the initial promises made during our initial consultation, effectively amending all errors far prior to the court date itself and was highly efficient even in handling all other proceedings”.


“Words cannot simply express the professionalism shown by Tia. Tia made the entire process stress free and easy. She provided the highest level of service, empathy and reassurance. Highly recommend Tia and the rest of the team at National Criminal Lawyers”.

, Our Team

Kyrillos Rizkalla

Criminal Defence Lawyer (LLB, GDLP)



Kyrillos has become a well-respected Criminal Lawyer and exclusively practices in criminal law. Prior to his admission, Kyrillos was already working with well-known criminal lawyers assisting in high profile cases.

Kyrillos has assisted hundreds of client’s and has obtained fantastic results through his unique skills in police negotiations and courtroom advocacy.

In his previous roles, Kyrillos often ran the office on his own when other solicitors were in Court and has developed a strong work ethic. This broad range of work has given him an insight into all aspects of criminal law. He is an approachable, intelligent and committed lawyer who always breaks apart cases ensuring the best results are always achieved.

Kyrillos has also worked at the Premier’s office completing a wide range of tasks for ministers and government officials. His communication skills are well developed and his extensive experience dealing with authority figures means that no matter who the prosecution may bring, Kyrillos has already experienced someone above them.

He has witnessed police mistreatment of defendants and has developed a passionate and empathetic approach to his clients. This unique approach allows Kyrillos to treat each client as his only one and explains difficult concepts in plain English. This assists clients to understand the matter at every step of the process.

Being from a middle eastern background, he understands various cultures and ethnic backgrounds which allows him to connect with his clients. He brings in a wealth of experience and perspective to National Criminal Lawyers® and as an advocate in every aspect. Kyrillos strives to deliver the best possible outcome, no matter the circumstances.

During his downtime, Kyrillos enjoys fishing, reading books and has a passion for always being updated with the recent cases at the highest levels.

, Our Team

Gandom Mahmodian

Criminal Law Specialist (LLB, GDLP)



Gandom has all the hallmarks of a successful criminal defence lawyer. She has dealt with extremely sensitive criminal matters and handled a wide range of complex criminal matters. This requires a strategic approach that provides a clear sense of direction and purpose towards a specific outcome for her clients. 

Gandom regularly appears in the Local Courts, District Courts and the Supreme Courts of NSW. 

Gandom’s fight for justice and strength of winning the hardest of cases has put Gandom in a stepping stone amongst other criminal lawyers. 

Gandom holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree from Western Sydney University and has a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the College of Law. Since joining National Criminal Lawyers®, Gandom has achieved fantastic results in some of the most difficult cases. For example, recently Gandom was successful in having 9 charges withdrawn through negotiations with the police over the course of several months. 

Gandom understands how overwhelming the court system can appear to people. She caters to each client individually and with that, provides her clients with a deeper understanding of what is required. Her services are frequently called by clients seeking informative and confidential advice. She has a strong interest in the strategic depth of criminal procedure and the development of client services.    

Gandom has a solid reputation for consistently providing quality advice and representation in criminal law matters for her clients. She has a proven capacity to understand legal and cross-cultural issues that her clients face daily. Some of these clients would notably be the most vulnerable members of our community and adapt when clients have disadvantaged backgrounds that restrict their access to justice. This compassion and warm approach for her clients is something that should not be taken lightly as she is an avid fighter by any means necessary. 

Gandom is committed to assisting clients from different backgrounds who would otherwise find it difficult to access our legal system. Her advocacy is what gives her the name of a highly creditable Criminal Law Specialist at National Criminal Lawyers®.

During Gandom’s downtime, she goes for a run, exercises and spends quality time with her family. 

, Our Team

Michael Barsha

Criminal Defence Lawyer (LLB, GDLP)


0413 863 705

Michael is an admitted Lawyer of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and a current member of the New South Wales Law Society. Having completed his Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie University and Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice at The College of Law, Michael excelled in his studies by graduating with Distinction. In particular, Michael attained excellent results in Evidence Law, Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure.

Prior to and during the course of completing his qualifications, Michael worked in various areas of legal practice including Criminal Law, Corporate Law, Family Law, Commercial Law, and Property law. Realising his passion for Criminal Law, Michael began to assist some of Sydney’s most renowned lawyers in a variety of criminal law proceedings such as serious indictable criminal trials, defended hearings, bail applications, mental health applications, negotiations with police, and ADVO matters. This allowed Michael to develop his skills as a Criminal Defence Lawyer with a focus on tearing apart the prosecution case. Michael has a particular talent for pointing out the weaknesses in the prosecution case and formulating strategies to ensure his client’s matter is accurately represented in Court.

During his time at National Criminal Lawyers® as a Criminal Defence Lawyer, Michael has worked closely with the Principal, Mr. Moussa on a variety of matters which include cases involving homicide, sexual assault, large drug supply, fraud, and serious assaults. This allowed Michael to experience firsthand the inaccuracies and injustices many individuals charged with criminal offences face. Michael practices exclusively in criminal law and has done so since joining the legal profession. Michael offers his clients a compassionate and fierce approach to resolving their criminal law matters. He is a valued and trusted Criminal Defence Lawyer who fights hard for his clients.

Michael strives to be a fierce advocate in all criminal law-related matters and is determined to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients. He regularly appears in Courts across New South Wales and has obtained tremendous results for his clients.

With a proud Lebanese background, Michael speaks fluently in English and Arabic to better assist members of the middle eastern community. Michael does this by explaining the law in easy-to-understand terms. Throughout the course of criminal law proceedings, Michael always ensures his client is aware and understands the state of their case. In this way, Michael is committed to ensuring his clients do not feel overwhelmed by the complexities of their case and strives to offer transparent legal advice. Often, clients come to National Criminal Lawyers® for a change of representation. They regularly cite poor communication and being left in the dark by their previous lawyers. With Michael on your case, you can always count on being the first to know the developments of your case and will take the time to explain the relevant law.

In Michael’s downtime, he enjoys spending time with his family and going to the gym. Michael is passionate about exercise and is an accomplished swimmer having competed in National level swimming competitions.

If you wish to get in contact with Michael to represent your matter, contact National Criminal Lawyers on 0413 863 705 for a FREE initial consultation.

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Kathreen Al-Mndwbi

Legal Secretary


02 9893 1889

Kathreen is the Legal Secretary at National Criminal Lawyers. She plays an integral role in assisting our lawyers on a day-to-day basis, constantly ensuring the smooth operation of the firm to provide an exceptional service to our clients. Kathreen provides support with compassion and respect to our lawyers while they assertively fight to defend your rights.  Kathreen serves as the primary point of contact for the firm and will assist you in finding the appropriate lawyer to represent you in your matter.

Kathreen’s passion for justice and her love for helping people finally came together as she started with National Criminal Lawyers. As the legal Secretary, she works closely with our Principal Michael Moussa and our lawyers to help navigate the system so that you can return to your familiar life without the cloud of a criminal charge hanging over you. Kathreen assists our lawyers in the preparation of a broad range of criminal law files across the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts.

However, the truly most enjoyable part of her job is communicating with the clients. Helping to explain things to them and answer their questions gives her a great sense of fulfilment. Kathreen makes sure to keeps our clients fully informed of all matters in the development of their cases, confirming what stage they are at in the court proceedings. She communicates with our clients in an upfront, honest and direct manner each and every step of the way.

She also finds it important to simply provide a sympathetic ear when a client is scared or worried. Being charged with a crime is frightening and anxiety-inducing. Kathreen understands and respects the emotional toll of your situation as well as the threat to your livelihood and reputation. She is a proactive and efficient operator and has built strong relationships with clients through her ability to provide personalised and professional service.  Being from a refugee background, Kathreen understands that your liberty is your most valuable possession and is dedicated to doing her utmost to help you keep it.

Kathreen enjoys working in a fast-paced environment and rises to the challenges each new day brings. Her past work experience has helped enhance her personal skills and enables her to work well with different generations and people from all walks of life. She is patient, receptive, observant, and respectful. Her attention to detail allows her to juggle many balls at the same time and not get flustered. She is also very enthusiastic and encouraging, with an incredible work ethic, which makes her an invaluable member of the NCL family.

Outside of work, she is undertaking a Bachelor of Laws with a focus on criminal law at the University of Technology Sydney. Kathreen has a keen interest in the criminal justice system, consistently seeking to expand her knowledge and spire to practice as a defence lawyer when admitted. Kathreen believes that everybody has a right to a fair representation, and there is a presumption of innocence that it is the judge and jury, not lawyers, to decide the guilt of a person. Having Iraqi background and being fluent in Arabic, Kathreen consistently utilises her fluency in Arabic and cultural background to assist members of the middle eastern community throughout the often stressful and emotional process.

Here is Kathreen’s reflection on her Position at National Criminal Lawyers®:

For most law students, the anxiety of finding legal experience and work in the foreseen future is always looming in the background. For most of us, perfection is the standard we set for ourselves or assume is what is required of us.

Coming into this role, I was overwhelmed with my own assumptions of what I expected working in a criminal law firm would entail.

At National Criminal Law, not only am I valued, but I feel heard and seen. Everyone went out of their way to welcome me and make me feel comfortable. When I first joined National Criminal Lawyers, no one expected perfection from me but simply someone willing to learn, is opened minded and ready to put in the hard work.

This position allowed me set realistic standards for myself and taught me so much about life and the law by simply hearing everyone’s stories and experiences.

The aspect I admire about this position is the opportunity to follow different lawyers each day and watching how they work with clients and other lawyers. This coupled with many other things, showed me the reality of practising law outside what we are taught.

Working here allowed me to understand what type of lawyer I want to be and what type of mentorship I thrive in. Most importantly, to have people who genuinely care for your success and future is so profound; and I absolutely have that with National Criminal Lawyers.

I believe that criminal law is rarely about cunning criminals convening with their lawyers about how to get away with crimes they committed. It is far more about real people in difficult situations who may have made a mistake but who find themselves being turned through the machinery of our criminal justice system, it is about helping people through that process however they decide to plead. That is the work of a criminal defence lawyer, and that’s the work that I am proud to be part of here at NCL.

As a legal secretary, part of my job is assisting our lawyers in the preparation of wide range of cases. During which, I learnt that our criminal justice system is full of people with addictions and the kind of back stories that make you understand why they started abusing substances in the first place, the poor, the homeless, the people with mental health challenges or have cognitive impairments and don’t have the support around them to deal with those and manage those experiences. I believe that it’s critical in a just society that those stories be heard that such background be believed and that it be taken into consideration and giving a voice to that story is the work of a criminal defence lawyer here at National criminal lawyers.

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