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National Criminal Lawyers™ is one of Sydney’s most sought after criminal law firms. This is because we get the results, give a senior lawyers’ guarantee and we are the best defenders of your rights. We understand how the law works and how the authorities who enforce the law also work. National Criminal Lawyers™ (“NCL”) is a law firm founded by Michael Moussa — one of Sydney’s most fierce lawyers.

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National Criminal Lawyers™ is also made up of excellent senior advocates. With our combined 25 years of criminal law experience, we have seen thousands of prosecutions and Police Fact sheets. We know that oftentimes prosecutions are full of certain mistruths, or there are relevant things missing or worse still, there are what are known as aggravating allegations made against you which go above and beyond what is the truth and/or the crime as charged. National Criminal Lawyers™ is very unique as it is dedicated to ensuring you get the best result (whether it be on a plea of guilty or not guilty).

National Criminal Lawyers™ offers four unique options which can be individually tailored to suit your circumstances/needs. For example, if you are charged with a criminal offence National Criminal Lawyers™ gives you the option to:

(1) Try and negotiate with prosecutors/police (plea negotiation),

(2) Plead Not Guilty and go to hearing/trial,

(3) Plead guilty to the elements of the charge and then dispute the facts (at a special “disputed facts” hearing), or,

(4) Plead guilty with full acceptance of the facts as set out by the police see Options at Law.

If you, or someone you know is being investigated, has been accused or charged with a criminal offence joining forces with a great and affordable criminal law team such as National Criminal Lawyers™ can relieve the burden and pain and allow a plan to be made which navigates the way that the future should go.

At National Criminal Lawyers™ one free appointment can help you to understand the process, explore possible defences discuss proven legal strategies and understand what possible outcomes might be achieved.