Are the AFP Legally Spying on Australian Citizens?

WHAT HAPPENED, AND WHY CAN THE AFP DO IT? You may remember in June 2019, the Australian Federal Police have...
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Law on “Bigamy”

What is it? Bigamy is being married to more than one person. Since Polygamy is not legally recognised in Australia,...
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Lockdowns: Peace, Order and Good Government

The New COVID-19 Lockdown Restrictions For Greater Sydney

Police power to enter premises during COVID-19

Western Sydney Disproportionately Targeted Over Covid-19 Lockdown

Growing “Marijuana” At Home, Is It Legal?

Everything You Need To Know If You Have Been Served With An AVO

But I Was Mistaken! Your Defence At Law

Frank Zumbo to fight charges of alleged sexual misconduct

Toddler Killed After High-Speed Chase

Members of the Queensland Police Force Captured Breaking the Law

Former 60 Minutes Reporter Accused of Blackmail and Extortion

Sydney Man Accused Of Masturbating On Public Transport

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