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National Criminal Lawyers is one of Sydney’s most sought after criminal law firms. This is because we get the results, give a senior lawyers’ guarantee and we are the best defenders of your rights. We understand how the law works and how the authorities who enforce the law also work. National Criminal Lawyers (“NCL”) is a law firm founded by Michael Moussa (one of Sydney’s most fierce lawyers).

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Our lawyers are committed to their quality work and also sensitive to client’s needs and concerns.

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We understand how the law works, therefore, we work hard delivering the best experience to our clients.


We are loyal to our clients and offer unique options which can be individually tailored to suit specific circumstances/needs.

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Michael Moussa

Principal Lawyer (LLM, LLB, GDLP)


Tia Herd

Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer (LLB, GDLP)


Kyrillos Rizkalla

Criminal Defence Lawyer (LLB, GDLP)

Michael-Barsha-GDLP-LLB-National-Criminal-Lawyer-Sydney Home

Michael Barsha

Criminal Defence Lawyer (LLB, GDLP)

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Kathreen Al-Mndwbi

Legal Secretary

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Criminal Lawyers Sydney

National Criminal Lawyers® is one of Sydney’s most sought-after specialist criminal law firms. As Sydney defence lawyers, we work in a variety of criminal matters and do not shy away from a challenge. We provide our clients with a unique, tailored plan according to their needs. We achieve the best results for our clients through this tailored plan and our senior lawyers’ guarantee. Depending upon our client instructions, we will go ahead with one of the following options: negotiate with police, plead not guilty, plead guilty to the elements but not the facts, or plead guilty to both the elements and the facts. For more information on each of these, please see above. If our client is in a position where they must plead guilty to both the elements and the facts, we will put all their circumstances before the Court, to ensure they will receive the most lenient sentence possible. We care about our clients and are sympathetic towards any issues they may be experiencing, so it follows that we will be sure to make the Court aware of any contributing issues surrounding one-off behaviours that result in criminal conduct. To assist in showing the Court contrition we are prepared with advice for our clients relating to participation in a traffic offenders’ program, for example.


The Best Sydney Criminal Lawyers and Traffic Offence Lawyers

Nothing is more overwhelming than finding yourself under investigation or getting arrested on criminal charges. When it does happen to you, the most important decision you will make is choosing your Sydney criminal lawyer who will defend you. Hiring a top criminal defence lawyer isn’t just for defendants who are charged with serious crimes. Even minor criminal offences can carry severe penalties. You need a lawyer who knows the law and has the experience and skills to get real results for your case.

Why You Need the Best Criminal Lawyers in Sydney

Every person charged with a criminal offence has the risk of receiving serious penalties. Even minor offences carry high fines and jail or prison time. People are indicted for crimes they didn’t commit all the time. They either can’t afford to hire a good lawyer, or they can’t afford to go to trial.

The lawyers at National Criminal Lawyers believe that every person has the right to a quality legal defence. We are the best defenders of your rights. Our legal team is founded and led by one of Sydney’s most fierce lawyers, Michael Moussa. We aren’t afraid to negotiate with the police on your behalf. This is a desirable option for many clients, depending on their individual circumstances and the charges they are facing.

The purpose of negotiating with the police is to either have the police amend your charges to a less serious charge or drop the charges altogether. Our success rate speaks for itself. Due to our expertise and hard work 72% of our clients have had their charges withdrawn and 94% of our clients have ended up with no criminal conviction recorded. We’ve also achieved a recovery of 78% of costs against NSW police, and 83% of clients we defended in hearings have won.

Call National Criminal Lawyers When You Need a Criminal Defence Lawyer You Can Trust

Facing criminal charges is a frightening and overwhelming experience. You might not know what your rights are, whether you have options or which option will produce the most beneficial outcome for your situation. We know that the same approach isn’t right for every person because we understand that everybody’s situation is unique. We don’t make the decisions for you. Instead, we give you the following four options and guide you through the process:

  1. Try and negotiate the charges made against you with the prosecutors or police. This process is also known as “Plea Negotiations”, and it is often a successful strategy for reducing the charges or having them dropped completely.
  2. Plead “not guilty” and go to a defence hearing. During the hearing, both sides give witness evidence. Our firm has defended thousands of clients and we are experts at these hearings.
  3. Plead “guilty” to the elements of the charge and then dispute the facts at a special ‘disputed facts’ hearing.
  4. Plead “guilty” with the full acceptance of the facts as set out by the police. If you agree that you committed the offence and the police can prove all elements of the offence, pleading guilty early on will allow you the maximum discount. Currently, the maximum discount on the penalty imposed by the Court for an early plea is 25% of the penalty and/or sentence.

There’s never a guarantee of success, but when you have our expert team of Sydney criminal lawyers on your side, your odds of reducing the penalty or winning your case are much higher. Watch our videos to learn more about what to expect when you hire the most sought after criminal defence lawyers to defend your rights.

Our success rates make us the law firm of choice for many people in Sydney facing criminal charges. We create a unique, tailored plan that meets the needs of each client. We handle a variety of criminal matters and do not shy away from a challenge.

The outcome of any criminal charge can have a lasting impact on your life. When you put your future in our hands, we will offer you a choice of the four options listed above. Depending on your instructions, we will go ahead with your defence.

We genuinely care about our clients. We are sympathetic to any issues they are experiencing, and we make every effort to make the Court aware of them too. Everything we do in your case is to get the best outcome for you. We know the law, and we know the responsibilities of the prosecution. In some cases, we have challenged the prosecution in areas where they fell short on meeting the burden of proof.  

Award-Winning Criminal Lawyers in Sydney

Any law firm can claim to be the best criminal lawyers in Sydney, but National Criminal Lawyers have the awards to prove it!  We have won several awards for “Best Criminal Law Firm” for our achievements. Our founder and principal lawyer, Michael Moussa, has also received awards for the “Best Criminal Lawyer” and “Best Traffic Lawyer.”

One characteristic that really stands out at our firm is our lawyers’ willingness to always go the extra mile to help our clients. You never have to worry about whether the lawyer representing you is working on your case. We guide you through the entire criminal justice process step by step. You will always know what the police are doing, how your matter is progressing through the or the court system and what the potential outcome of your matter could be.

At National Criminal Lawyers, we take pride and passion in representing our clients. Providing the best quality legal representation has helped us earn a reputation as the best criminal defence lawyers in Sydney. We have achieved exceptional outcomes for our clients in the metropolitan area and throughout New South Wales.

When you’re in a tough spot facing police investigation or charges for a criminal offence, you need a criminal defence lawyer who is committed and will work tirelessly towards getting the best outcome for you. Our commitment, dedication,and genuine passion for representing our clients are what set us apart from other law firms in the area.

We provide services throughout New South Wales. If you need a criminal lawyer, whether your located in the Sydney Greater Metropolitan area including Parramatta, Fairfield, Hornsby, or any location in regional New South Wales, contact us today. We are the best defenders of your rights, and we will relieve the burden, stress and pain of dealing with your current situation. Contact us to book a free consultation. We will help you understand the process, explore possible defences, discuss proven legal strategies, and help you understand what possible outcomes we can achieve when we join forces.


National Criminal Lawyers
Arrested by police in NSW? Your rights and responsibilities.
Going to Court After Being Charged ?
Charged with a criminal offence in NSW? What to expect in Court.

Best Criminal Lawyers Sydney

Our Firm has won several awards for ‘Best Criminal Law Firm’, and our highly experienced and fierce Principal Lawyer Michael Moussa, has been awarded ‘Best Criminal Lawyer’ and ‘Best Traffic Lawyer’. Our specialist criminal lawyers are prepared to go the extra mile for our clients and guide them through the entire criminal justice process; from the moment of arrest or from the time they are aware police are investigating them, to the completion of the matter. Matters may end in some or all charges being dropped, acquittal, a finding of guilt by jury, or guilt by plea. If a finding of guilt is made or plea of guilty entered, our Sydney criminal defence lawyers will gather all the necessary evidence required for a sentence hearing, and they will strive to convince the Court to show leniency. Our Sydney criminal lawyers are based in Sydney NSW and its surrounds. We have access to a multitude of Courts and our Solicitors are well known by Local Magistrates, District Court Judges and Supreme Court Judges. We pride ourselves on keeping in touch with updates in the criminal law Sydney. We regularly research case law, amendments in legislation, and we write about events in the media or changes in law or regulation and post about it on our Blog. We also contribute to articles published by Lawyers Weekly as a way of educating ourselves and giving back to the legal community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if Police want to ask me questions?

If Police want to interview you, you have the right to remain silent. They must give you an opportunity to speak with your lawyer. We always recommend that you contact our specialist criminal lawyers before you communicate with Police. If you suspect that Police are investigating you, contact the best criminal lawyers in Sydney, immediately.

I have been wrongly accused of a crime and I can’t afford to go to trial – what can I do?

Our leading Sydney criminal defence lawyers will negotiate with Police on your behalf and show them why their case against you will fail, leading them to withdraw the charges. If they persist – and their case fails after trial – we will make an application for costs against them, in your favour.

If I plead guilty, will I go to gaol?

There is a wide variety of penalties a person may get when being sentenced for a crime. It all depends on how serious the crime is, what the legislation requires, and on the person’s personal circumstances, such as their criminal record (if any), age, prospects of rehabilitation, remorse and contrition, and any steps taken to show this.


The following are the types of sentencing options a Judge or Magistrate has:

  • Rising of the court;
  • Dismissal and conditional discharge;
  • Deferred sentence;
  • Fine only;
  • Conditional release order;
  • Community correction order;
  • Intensive correction order; and
  • Full time custodial imprisonment.

These penalties range from least serious to most serious, with full time custodial imprisonment being reserved for the worst offending. The options from conditional release order, to intensive correction orders, are strict, supervised sentences where the offender can serve their sentence out in the community. If they breach a condition of their release, they will either face the Court again, or may have a warrant executed for their arrest.

If I accidentally plead guilty, can I later change this to not guilty?

It is quite difficult to reverse such a mistake. In general, you can only do this in circumstances where you can show there is a risk of a miscarriage of justice taking place. Examples of such circumstances may be where you were intimidated or coerced into making a plea of guilty, or where you misunderstood the charges laid against you and were not genuinely conscious of your guilt or non-guilt. You may need to provide evidence by an affidavit or in person. If you do have to change your plea from guilty to not guilty this can affect your credibility later in proceedings.

Usually a plea must be indicated on the first Court date. However, if you are unrepresented, you can seek an adjournment for two weeks to seek legal advice before you enter your plea. Therefore, it is extremely important to first seek the advice of Sydney defence lawyers before making such an important decision.

How do I reduce my sentence?

Our criminal solicitors in Sydney will guide you to the best possible result in your case. Our expert advocates will use materials such as character references, a letter of apology, a psychological or psychiatric report, any medical evidence, certificates of completion of educational/rehabilitative programs and/or any evidence of making amends/repair of the damage done by the offence. These materials go to show the Court why it should be lenient with you; that you are a person of usually good character, and that you’ve taken steps to correct your mistakes.

I have been threatened with an AVO – what is this?

An AVO is an Apprehended Violence Order, and an ADVO is an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order. An ADVO only applies to domestic relationships such as husband, wife, children, and any other relationship which may be domestic in nature. An AVO or ADVO is a protection order that places conditions on a Defendant. These conditions might prevent you from residing at home, or to keep a certain physical distance from the person who the order is protecting, and to not contact that person. These orders may be in place for years. If an AVO or ADVO is breached, you can face criminal charges for breaching the Order under section 14 of the Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007 (NSW).


  • 5 star review  These guys are remarkable. They got my best friend Supreme Court bail after he was in for 3 months and refused in local court. Mr Moussa our family love you! Thanks from the bottom of our heart.

    thumb tarun verma

    5 star review  Today Kyrillos did an absolutely fantastic job. I got two non-convictions for matters where I was sure I was going to get fines for. My friend who was charged with a similar offence got a fine and convicted. I walked away without having to pay a cent to the Court. Extremely happy with these guys at National Criminal Lawyers. They are definitely the ones to call for any offence.

    thumb sahil gautam
  • 5 star review  Michael Moussa is the best in the west without any doubt in criminal matters. If you are lucky to get him and pay extra for his services it's money well spent. He is the king of supreme court bail applications. He got me out of jail from Supreme Court after my previous lawyers were telling me not to apply for bail .

    thumb Manjot Pannu

    5 star review  I would like to say a giant thankyou to Michael Moussa, I felt he had my best interests in mind throughout the entire process asking many questions to better understand the situation. Michael was very knowledgeable and professional Could not of asked for a better outcome I highly recommend Michael and his team

    thumb phillip swan
  • 5 star review  We are extremely happy with Michael Moussa and National criminal lawyers. Michael was very professional in the way he handle our case. He reached my desired outcome, with all charges dismissed and withdrawn. I strongly recommend being represented by this law firm.

    thumb Monica wei

    5 star review  Great result! Charges withdrawn! I was so pleased with the work that was carried by the NCL team. All my charges were withdrawn by negotiations made to the police. Kyrillos worked so hard but made it look so effortless.

    thumb Davit Terzian
  • 5 star review  Michael was a very comforting, informative and intellectual lawyer that guided me from beginning, throughout and end of my case. He achieved a excellent result and an outstanding non-conviction. When all hope was lost, Michael re-gained my confidence in the justice system.

    thumb V

    1 star review  Since when did Michael Moussa think he became a Senior Counsel? He is nothing more than a Solicitor in NSW that was admitted to practice in May 2013. Don't be deceived by his lies. 1 star is the trust worthiness of this company and 0 stars for any praiseworthy work done

    thumb Nigel Johnson
  • 5 star review  Michael and his team are fantastic and go above and beyond in assisting their clients. They are really passionate about ensuring the best possible outcome and work tirelessly to achieve the best results. I would highly recommend Michael and the team from NCL.

    thumb Troy Francis

    5 star review  I am so grateful to National Criminal Lawyers for the outstanding work they did on my case in such a small time frame. My ex partner made some very serious allegations against me which would have seen me in jail for a long period. I was assured I had a case and it was vigorously defended and today I walk free.. Thank you Michael Moussa for always having my best interests at heart. You are an amazing person and even better lawyer. Thanks again!!!! 👏✌️

    thumb ravi kumar
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