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Bail is a convoluted and complex area of law governed by the Bail Act NSW 2013. To get the best result on Bail applications you should only engage a legal team that are best results lawyers for obtaining Bail.

A significant change to the Bail Act was assented to on 27 June 2022. To learn more about this change click here.

What Is Bail?

Bail is basically a question as to whether a person who is accused of an offence or is otherwise required to appear before a court should be detained or released, with or without conditions. In other words, Bail is “authority to be at liberty for an offence”, subject to limitations.

The Law In Relation to Bail

The Bail Act 2013 governs the award or refusal of Bail. The current Bail Act commenced on 20 May 2014. The Act has been amended in a significant respect twice since its enactment. On 28 January 2015, the Bail Amendment Act 2014 commenced. The amendments effected by that Act saw the introduction of the show cause requirement in s 16B. The Act was amended again with effect from 6 December 2016 following separate reviews of various aspects of the Act by his Honour Judge John Hatzistergos; the Sentencing Council; and the Commonwealth — New South Wales Martin Place Siege review. Another amendment concerns the introduction of a presumption against bail for terrorism-related offences or terrorism-related conduct. The most recent significant change to the Bail Act was assented to on 27 June 2022 that will affect all criminal law practitioners and individuals facing serious criminal charges. To learn more about these changes click here.

The Test For Bail

There are several different tests that relate to bail, including:

  1.  The Court determining if the matter is a Show Cause offence?
    • (If the matter is show cause you must show cause as to why
      detention is not justified).
  2.  If the matter is not a show cause matter OR if detention is not justified the Court moves to assesses any bail considerations

What are Bail Considerations?

There are four main Bail considerations as follows; (A Bail consideration can be either a Bail Concern or an Unacceptable Risk).

  1. Will the accused fail to appear at Court?
  2. Will the accused commit a serious offence?
  3. Will release endanger the safety of the victim, individuals or thecommunity?
  4. Will the accused interfere with witnesses or evidence?

If the outcome is there is no Bail Concern or a Bail concern that can be mitigated with a condition Bail will be granted.
If the Bail consideration is assessed by the Court to be an Unacceptable Risk bail will be refused.

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