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Appeals from the Local Court against sentences, such as the length of imprisonment and severity, and appeals against conviction are heard in the District Court of NSW.
The Legal aid NSW has drafted a summary of what you should be looking out for when lodging an appeal.

How Long do I Have To Appeal The Decision Of The Magistrate?

An Appeal against the decision of a Magistrate in Local Court criminal proceedings must be commenced within 28 days of that decision. The appeal is then statute barred which means that after 3 months you will need to show there are special circumstances to allow an appeal to be made. Leave to appeal after three months will only be granted if it would prevent a ‘substantial injustice’ from occurring.

How do I Commence an Appeal?

An appeal is commenced by the appellant (convicted or sentenced person) by filing and serving a notice of appeal. Our lawyers at National Criminal Lawyers™ can assist you in this process.

Severity Appeal

If, after being found guilty or plead guilty you believe the sentence that was imposed was too severe/excessive, you may make an application for a severity appeal to be listed before the District Court of NSW. The District Court Judge will reassess the sentence imposed by a Magistrate.

Allowable Evidence in a Severity Appeal

In a severity appeal the Judge may also hear evidence from you in person, as well as submissions made by both the representatives from the DPP and on your behalf.

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