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Michael Moussa is the Principal Lawyer of National Criminal Lawyer and exclusively specialises in Criminal Law. Michael is both a member of the Law Society and also a member of the Criminal Division of the legal aid panel. Michael has worked with some of the best Criminal Law firms in the Country and has obtained outstanding results in what others may describe as some of the most complex of cases. Michael is a renown criminal lawyer for his advocacy skills and putting the prosecution to vigorous testing. Michael’s courtroom style and demonstrated ability to crack even the most compelling witnesses has led to him to be nationally recognised as a fine criminal defence lawyer.

Michael has appeared in high profile criminal cases, including “manslaughter” charges , “Acts of indecency” “Abduction” charges. Appearing daily in the Local Courts, District Courts, Supreme Court of NSW, and the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal, Michael is as passionate about ensuring that justice is seen and served for all his clients and gains no better satisfaction than winning his cases, regardless of how small or complex the matter is. Michael is a trial advocate who has appeared before a jury and obtained acquittals in a number of supply drug charges.

Michael also specialises in Apprehended Domestic Violence Order applications, parole hearings, NSW Crime Commission proceedings and Coronial Inquests. Some of the best advocates of our time, including Supreme Court Judges and Senior Counsel, have mentored Michael’s rise as a criminal lawyer. He is only one of very limited criminal lawyers in Australia who has completed a Masters in Law (Criminal Practice).

Michael has an Egyptian Australian background and speaks Arabic fluently. He has a large middle eastern clientele in western Sydney. He has a wealth of experience in complex and serious criminal cases, and possesses the skill to digest enormous amounts of material, issue resolve, whilst formulating the best of case strategies that will result in the dismissal of charges and not guilty verdicts. Michael has conducted a number of presentations for advocacy which has allowed him to be a highly-respected courtroom lawyer.

Michael has become an advocate for those mistreated by the police. His passion is helping those who have been made vulnerable and aggrieved by the improper conduct of police during a person’s arrest. He is an advocate who ensures that both the NSW and Federal Police conduct their inquiries within the parameters of the law. He gets no greater pleasure than when a client of his is acquitted and the police are forced to pay their legal costs and then damages in a civil court.

Michael prides himself on providing clear and accurate legal advice, with a careful assessment of each case. He takes pleasure in securing the best possible result for his clients, helping to bring them a step closer to putting their lives back on track. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the criminal field ensuring that all clients are treated fairly during all proceedings. He continues to strive to protect the rights of those who have been accused of criminal offences. Michael is a dedicated, focused and ambitious Criminal Lawyer who is a defender of rights of those charged with Criminal and traffic offences.

If you wish to get in contact with Michael for a FREE consultation for any of your legal issues, contact National Criminal Lawyer’s office on 02 9893 1889 and our warm and caring administration team will schedule in an appointment that’s suitable to both parties.

Navjot Singh



02 9893 1889

Navjot Singh came to Australia on a Student visa in 1999. After completing his Bachelor of Computer Science, Navjot worked for major government departments and financial institutions. During this Time, Navjot decided to start his legal career, wherein in 2001, Navjot was admitted as a lawyer of The Supreme Court of NSW and the High Court of Australia in 2013.

Navjot also holds a Master of Applied Law from the prestigious educational institute namely the College of Law. Navjot was successful in opening his law firm in 2015. Prior to that he worked with many reputable law firms in Sydney and Parramatta area. Navjot joined National Criminal Lawyers as an Associate of the firm and has taken carriage of a number of Criminal matters. His precision to detail have led clients to comment on how meticulous he is to his matters. Navjot has vast experience in Criminal Law and has successfully defended clients facing charges. He speciality also extends to Apprehended Domestic Violence Order applications (both defending and prosecuting) Navjot is fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi.

If you wish to get in contact with Navjot for a FREE consultation for any of your legal issues, contact National Criminal Lawyer’s office on 02 9893 1889 and our warm and caring administration team will schedule in an appointment that’s suitable to both parties.

Daniel E Wilson



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Daniel Edward Wilson is National Criminal Lawyers Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer. Daniel is Sydney born and raised, is highly educated and can aptly be described as a middle-class battler. Since leaving school in 1997 Daniel has been employed within the provision of legal services (first as a paralegal and later as a Lawyer). In university, Daniel was a Middle Weight Division Boxing Title holder at Sydney University Boxing Championships in 2005. Daniel also won a Silver Medal Winner in the 2005 Eastern University Games (for rugby league) and has Cricket for St Marys RSL and Blacktown Representatives, Rugby for Blacktown Warriors Rugby Union Club and Sydney University Rugby Union club. Daniel has also done voluntary work in a community law centre and contributed to the community by mentoring underprivileged teenagers.

Daniel has considerable experience in Criminal Law having worked in specialised offices in Sydney, London and New Zealand. If you ask Daniel, why is he a criminal lawyer he will answer its simple – “I am a Human Rights Defender and I’ve spent my whole adult life representing persons who society and the law see as the least respected in the community”. Daniel in addition to the usual requirements of a Criminal Lawyer understands the criminal justice system and realises that oftentimes the first casualty of a criminal charge is damage to your reputation. Daniel always seeks for that damage to be restored. In doing this Daniel always endeavours to research and ascertain the truth about a criminal allegation. Daniel is client focused and is able to best tailor the proper legal package specifically required to represent the client’s needs. In short Daniel is very much cherished by his clients because he is not afraid to put forward their case to ensure their voice is heard.

Since coming to the firm, Daniel has had a remarkable run of results in the Local , District and Supreme Courts of NSW. Daniel was admitted as a solicitor in 2008 graduating from the University of Technology. Since that time Daniel has worked as a lawyer for some of the best Criminal Law firms in the Country, including government agencies that specialise in criminal law such as the Aboriginal Legal Service (ALS) and Legal Aid NSW. Daniel has further sat on the Board at Prince of Wales Hospital to improve conditions of those detained under Mental Health Legislation. Daniel is a formidable opponent to the prosecution during all kinds of hearings and appearances including but not limited to section s10 dismissals arguments, bail applications, mentions, annulments, mental health applications, sentences and severity appeals.

If Daniel is your lawyer, you can rest assured that he will always be in your corner and will always argue/seek to have your reputation restored. If you wish to get in contact with Daniel for a FREE consultation for any of your legal issues, contact National Criminal Lawyer’s office on 02 9893 1889 and our warm and caring administration team will schedule in an appointment that’s suitable to both parties.

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