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Michael Moussa is the Principal Lawyer of National Criminal Lawyer and exclusively specialises in Criminal Law. Michael is both a member of the Law Society and also a member of the Criminal Division of the legal aid panel. Michael has worked with some of the best Criminal Law firms in the Country and has obtained outstanding results in what others may describe as some of the most complex of cases. Michael is a renown criminal lawyer for his advocacy skills and putting the prosecution to vigorous testing. Michael’s courtroom style and demonstrated ability to crack even the most compelling witnesses has led to him to be nationally recognised as a fine criminal defence lawyer.

Michael has appeared in high profile criminal cases, including “manslaughter” charges , “Acts of indecency” “Abduction” charges. Appearing daily in the Local Courts, District Courts, Supreme Court of NSW, and the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal, Michael is as passionate about ensuring that justice is seen and served for all his clients and gains no better satisfaction than winning his cases, regardless of how small or complex the matter is. Michael is a trial advocate who has appeared before a jury and obtained acquittals in a number of supply drug charges.

Michael also specialises in Apprehended Domestic Violence Order applications, parole hearings, NSW Crime Commission proceedings and Coronial Inquests. Some of the best advocates of our time, including Supreme Court Judges and Senior Counsel, have mentored Michael’s rise as a criminal lawyer. He is only one of very limited criminal lawyers in Australia who has completed a Masters in Law (Criminal Practice).

Michael has an Egyptian Australian background and speaks Arabic fluently. He has a large middle eastern clientele in western Sydney. He has a wealth of experience in complex and serious criminal cases, and possesses the skill to digest enormous amounts of material, issue resolve, whilst formulating the best of case strategies that will result in the dismissal of charges and not guilty verdicts. Michael has conducted a number of presentations for advocacy which has allowed him to be a highly-respected courtroom lawyer.

Michael has become an advocate for those mistreated by the police. His passion is helping those who have been made vulnerable and aggrieved by the improper conduct of police during a person’s arrest. He is an advocate who ensures that both the NSW and Federal Police conduct their inquiries within the parameters of the law. He gets no greater pleasure than when a client of his is acquitted and the police are forced to pay their legal costs and then damages in a civil court.

Michael prides himself on providing clear and accurate legal advice, with a careful assessment of each case. He takes pleasure in securing the best possible result for his clients, helping to bring them a step closer to putting their lives back on track. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the criminal field ensuring that all clients are treated fairly during all proceedings. He continues to strive to protect the rights of those who have been accused of criminal offences. Michael is a dedicated, focused and ambitious Criminal Lawyer who is a defender of rights of those charged with Criminal and traffic offences.

If you wish to get in contact with Michael for a FREE consultation for any of your legal issues, contact National Criminal Lawyer’s office on 02 9893 1889 and our warm and caring administration team will schedule in an appointment that’s suitable to both parties.

Melanie Tilbrook

Melanie Tilbrook



02 9893 1889

Melanie (we call her Mel, and so can you) has almost 13 years post admission experience in criminal and family law matters. She holds a Masters Degree in Journalism and due to complete a Masters Degree in Criminal Practice at the University of Wollongong.

Mel was admitted as a New South Wales Lawyer and has management experience mentoring junior lawyers, putting out fires and appearing in court matters that were considered urgent or complex but also enjoyed running criminal and family matters across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Mel has extensive experience appearing in the Local and District Courts for summary and indictable criminal matters and appears regularly in the Federal Circuit Court. Mel is regarded by her peers a respected practitioner who has flown interstate with counsel for a number of high profile criminal trials.

Mel is warm, friendly and approachable. She is someone who listens to you, puts your needs first and has a demonstrated track record in providing sound advice and representation for a range of matters from traffic to more serious matters including forensic procedures for murder, sexual assault, firearms, drugs, and explosives.

Mel is a fighter for justice and her proven track record in beating the most complex of cases has earnt her respect in the field of criminal law.

In addition to her criminal experience, Mel is an experienced family lawyer who is happy to provide preliminary advice and representation as needed for domestic violence matters which involve family court proceedings. This is particularly useful on those occasions when charges and Apprehended Violence Orders become a feature in a family breakdown.

As a former journalist turned lawyer, Mel bring excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills. She is good on her feet in Court putting your side of the story and always fighting for the best result in your particular case. Her particular areas of interest are Domestic Violence and the prevalence of trauma in the criminal law, especially service related trauma and issues faced by service personnel.

When not lawyering, Mel can be found spending time with her horses, writing or taking photographs.

Thomas Strozek

Thomas Strozek

Criminal Law Specialist (LLB, GDLP)


02 9893 1889

Thomas started his working life in adult education, as a TESOL ( Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages ) teacher. In this capacity he worked in New Zealand, South Korea and Poland.

Over the course of the past several years, Thomas obtained a fond interest in counselling. It was through his counselling career that he obtained Post-Graduate degree in counselling from the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP). Throughout his time as a counsellor he saw first hand the support needed to help people struggling with addictions such as alcohol and drugs.

Thomas’s interest in criminal law began with the Aboriginal Legal Service(ALS) several years ago, where he was involved in the work a defence criminal lawyer. He came across an array of clients, from similar ethno-socio-cultural backgrounds, all coming with their own problems and looking for help.  Throughout this time, his experience with the ALS enhanced his interest in social justice and human rights. He met clients who, due to their background, were not treated the same as most middle-class, well-educated citizens would. He met clients who were repeated offenders, to whom life of crime was the only kind of life they knew. According to statistics, indigenous people die in police custody at an alarming rate, with approximately 340 having died in prisons and police cells since the 1991 royal commission report. Thomas believes that the lack of progress in this area is ‘mind-blowing’. That is why he has a particular passion for helping the vulnerable and those who have been a victim of the misfortune of injustice.

Thomas has a passion to fight for justice and joined National Criminal Lawyers as a criminal law specialist to fight for those people. He has achieved outstanding results in all Courts, including the local court, the district Court and Supreme Court bail applications. He has outstanding good oral and written communication skills. His attention to detail sets him apart from other lawyers by his determination to always puts his clients first.

Thomas is passionate about criminal law and here is why. He understand that police sometimes do sloppy work and there are many cases where the accused person is not guilty of any crime. He is also astounded by how easily someone can be arrested, charged, and convicted of a crime they haven’t committed. Importantly, too, he fully understand and appreciates through his law experience so far that most of the defendants were good people who simply made a bad choice or mistake and deserved a second chance. He believes that for the rule of law to be upheld in Australia,our government agencies need to be held in check and accountable for their actions.

Thomas believes that as a criminal defence lawyer he can be part of a system that keeps the government in check. With his am passionate help for people to avoid a criminal record that would otherwise follow them for the rest of their lives, Thomas will provide his full attention and devotion to those in need of his help .

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John Semaan

Criminal Law Specialist (LLB, GDLP)



John Semaan is who we define as young and ambitious lawyer at National Criminal Lawyers®. John has spent his working career                                           in the government sector and now has turned to his passion of criminal law in recent years.

John holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree from Western Sydney University and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the College of Law. John completed his Practical Legal Training locally and focused predominantly in the field of criminal law which has given him sound knowledge of the Court structure and procedures. Since joining National Criminal Lawyers®, John has had carriage of a number of high profile cases and has achieved unprecedented results, for example withdrawal of serious criminal allegations for his clients.

John has extensive experience dealing with a variety of stakeholder interests. Notably, working with different people has allowed John to develop strong communication skills which is second to none. Most importantly, these transferable skills reinforce that John can assist and provide professional legal advice to a diverse spectrum of clientele. John understands that the law is an everchanging process and sometimes change is difficult for some people to grasp.

It is clear to John people are always facing obstacles and pressures which leads to bad choices. A prime example includes those who commit offences whilst suffering a mental condition or those who lack capacity to understand their actions.

Why John is an ambitious criminal lawyer is quite simple; he loves his work. John is a strong believer in the law and the fight for justice. He believes that one must be held accountable for their actions but at the same time, from Johns perspective is, everyone deserves a second chance.

It is in these moments that John believes the law should assist an individual to stand firm and proud rather than prey on their vulnerability. There is no greater pleasure than having a charge dismissed to allow one to live the rest of their lives safely and happily without having this burden on their shoulders.

John is young, approachable, and most importantly, he is diverse. Coming from a Lebanese background, John can connect with clients through his ethnic, cultural and religious awareness. John is a gentleman who takes the time to listen to your problems and provide a solution in plain language.

John is quite knowledgeable and understands the variety of criminal matters you may be facing including sexual offences, drug offences, violent offences, dishonesty offences and firearm offences.

Outside of the law John spends his time reading and playing a variety of sports such as soccer at a semi-professional level.

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