Our nation faces unprecedented times under this pandemic we call COVID-19. The lockdown we face continues to happen and the measures have affected our way of life. Unemployment may reach up to 10 per cent with the possibility of a recession in our economy. The nation total recorded number of cases has now reached 6,612 including 70 deaths, according to the census released by Department of Health.

The impact of this hit has led to hard financial times for business around the nation. Courts in NSW and retrospectively in other states have changed protocol in respect of its usual procedure which has now mandated that most matters are to be adjourned and/or even vacated.

These hard times have given us the opportunity to assist the community and dedicate some of our free time to giving back to the Australian people.

Our team will now commit, as of next week, free legal advice that is subject to any issues relating to COVID-19. This advice must relate to the virus and criminal/traffic related matters.

These type of matters would for example consist of the new public health order and the fines that are being issued out, Domestic Violence cases and other similar situations. The reason for this current measure is that we want to ensure that the most vulnerable members of our community get the help they need from our exceptional resources.

Our team are specialists in Criminal Law but we will not be accepting inquiries for any other legal issues such as family law or any civil related enquiries. We do apologise in advance as there will be some legal issues that are unfortunately outside our expertise. The offer is based on the legal advice which is best dealt with via email or telephone due to the lockdown and social distancing measures.

If possible, include any relevant documents as an attachment. These documents can include items such as the Court Attendance Notice (CAN), facts sheet, and/or fine. We will review limited material that is deemed relevant. This will allow our team to give you the most accurate possible advice.

The inquiries should be directed via email to: info@nationalcriminallawyers.com.au

We thank the community for their continued support over the years and we hope this will lift some of the burden we all face during these tough times.

Yours sincerely,

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