When it comes to choosing a lawyer to help you with your matter, it is important that you take into consideration a variety of factors to ensure that your legal journey is smooth and stress free.


Is My Initial Consultation Free?

Whilst it may seem like an obvious question, it is important to ask about the fees for the initial consultation to avoid being trapped, especially in situations where you decide not to sign up with the lawyer.

The team here at National Criminal Lawyers® offer free 30 minute initial consultations so you can learn more about how we can assist your matter without feeling any sort of obligation or pressure.

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What Areas Of Law Does The Firm Specialise in?

It is important to find out which sectors of law a firm focuses on. It can be the case that firms that focus on one area of law, like criminal law, carry greater knowledge, skills, and experience to assist you with your matter, as compared to firms which cover a large variety of sectors.

The team here at National Criminal Lawyers® specialize specifically in Criminal and Traffic Matters, and are hence able to provide you with specialized knowledge and expertise to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome for your matter.

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How Will I Be Updated About The Progress Of My Matter?

Communication is a critical factor to take into consideration when choosing a lawyer. Clients often seek reassurance by talking to their lawyers or receiving regular updates regarding their matters from their lawyers. It is essential that your lawyer does all thing so you do not feel lost in your legal journey.  Limited communication and no regular updates can cause unnecessary distress.

The team here at National Criminal Lawyers® work on effectively communicating with all of our clients to ensure the smooth running of each matter. Our firm all modes of communication to on a routine basis to keep clients in the loop regarding their matter.


What Is The Plan/Process?

Finding out the process and plan for your case is of paramount importance to avoid difficulties down the line. It is critical for your lawyer to explain to you the steps which would need to be taken as part of your case and the different scenarios possible. Clients contacting lawyers for the first time are often experiencing heightened stress levels at the time and are often navigating unknown waters. A good lawyer will set out a clear plan for their clients including the sequential steps they will need to take to resolve their matter. This is important to ensure that clients do not have any unnecessary surprises during or at the end of their legal matter.

The team here at National Criminal Lawyers® aim to keep clients fully aware of the processes which they may have to go through as part of their matter, to ensure full transparency, from your first initial consultation all the way up until the finalisation of the matter. We understand that our clients are going through extremely stressful times, and we try to make it as easy on them as possible to navigate their legal journey.


What Are My Options?

Every legal case presents a range of different options. It is important that your lawyer discusses all of the options available to you in your matter. These options could range from pleading either guilty or not guilty or contesting certain facts, among other decisions. It is critical that a lawyer discusses each of these options as well as their respective benefits and risks for your matter, so as to allow you to make a clear and informed decision in regard to your case. Through these options, you are able to tell if a lawyer is compatible with your needs and see if they understand your situation.

The lawyers at National Criminal Lawyers® believe in complete transparency behind all the options available to a client while also explaining all the aspects of each option, so as to allow clients to make informed decisions to best suit their situation and case.


What About The Fees?

One of the most important aspects of discussion with a potential lawyer is that of fees. Finding out the approximate cost of your matter is crucial in determining whether a lawyer is suited to your situation and case. You should ensure that there are clear routes to gain future financial clarity such as the firm offering to supply an itemized bill. It is also critical that you discuss your budget and look at the firm’s hourly rates when making a decision.

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The team here at National Criminal Lawyers® believes that everyone has the right to clarity when it comes to financing their matter. We ensure our pricing is transparent, offering an itemized bill if requested and ensuring your rights are protected, while also being efficient providing a cost agreement most commonly upon initial consultations.


These are all very important questions and factors to consider when choosing a lawyer to assist in your matter.

If you have any questions about how National Criminal Lawyers® handles matters, do not hesitate to contact our firm on 1800 CRIM LAW or alternatively email us on info@nationalcriminallawyers.com.au.

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