2020 has been a time that is filled with mayhem and disaster. Australian’s have been through a difficult time where bushfires were once our main concern. To read the full story please click here. Now, Australians have come together to fight against COVID-19, but it seems that Australians are losing the fight.

The beautiful Easter period that most Australian’s cherish in the year has now officially come to an end. What little hope there once was has now ceased. Most recently, the government introduced social distancing laws and have forced restaurants to closed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Guardian, family members still had the privilege of visiting one another as long it was limited to two people.

However, this virus is so contagious it is out of our control. Police have reached a breaking point and have turned to extreme measures to somehow tackle this invisible danger. According to the Daily Mail, the police have now introduced number plate detection cameras to catch anyone on the roads driving without a valid excuse.

New South Wales Police Commissioner Michael Fuller said yesterday that these cameras will be used to enforce the social distancing laws during the Easter period. This sickness is continuing to spread with over 6000 cases confirmed in our country.

The Commissioner has made it clear that police will be patrolling the highways, caravan parks and popular tourist locations. Only a few days ago a man was charged over $1000 dollars for eating a kebab outside his home. The new number plate recognition cameras indicates that the police are continuing to pursue those who do not comply with these laws.


What is referred to as automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology, these new cameras use high-definition infrared lighting to capture an image of the driver’s number plate. In addition, police vehicles have a computer which is programmed with ANPR technology. To view how the ANPR systems work please click here.


According to the Sydney Morning Herald, our New South Wales Commissioner states that double demerit points will be enforced as of today. Since March 17 2020, police have issued 11 court attendance notices and 136 penalty infringement notices. It is clear that the NSW commissioner’s goal to “use all of our power and all of our technology to try and identify people who shouldn’t be in NSW” is surely working.


As discussed previously, the police have the power to issue $1,000 fines to individuals and $5,000 to business in relation to breaching any of the COVID-19 quarantine directions. If you have been fined with breaching any of the COVID-19 laws, then contact us directly for a free consultation. Alternatively, click here to read the latest stories surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Premier made it very clear that these social distancing rules will remain in place until a vaccine is found. The Premier stated, “when you relax a restriction, more people get sick. More people will die”. Given that the current death toll is 21, Australia is stable compared to the rest of the world. Nonetheless, our Prime Minster Scott Morrisons’ message remains unchanged, stay home unless it’s absolutely necessary to leave for essential trips to the supermarket, chemist or medical reasons.

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