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National Criminal Lawyers® in Hornsby is one of Sydney’s leading criminal law firms. We specialise in criminal and traffic law. Our clients are guaranteed to receive excellent legal representation in a variety of matters; anything from tax fraud, domestic violence, break and enter, resist arrest, common assault, sexual assault, to murder and drug supply. We have a senior lawyer guarantee, meaning our clients will receive the highest quality of legal representation and advice. Our lawyers have a wealth of knowledge, combining decades of experience. We also have immense experience in dealing with matters where police have abused or have engaged in malicious prosecution against our clients. We are one of the few firms that are not afraid to chase costs against the police on behalf of our clients in these circumstances.

Our lawyers uphold fundamental principles of our common law. As the defenders of people’s rights, they ensure that all clients are treated equally before the law and are dealt with by the law in a fair trial. Everyone has the right to legal representation and our lawyers strongly believe in that principle. They get the job done with efficiency and accuracy, without any judgment. Likewise, we do not discriminate against anyone when taking on matters. We are also equally devoted to all our clients, regardless of how big or small their matter may be.

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Our firm is renowned for having high success rates, and offering clients a unique, tailored game plan for their matter. We provide them with four options depending on their instructions and circumstances. Our options are to negotiate with police; plead not guilty and defend the matter; plead guilty to either just the offence but dispute the facts, or to both the facts and offence. It is important to offer a variety of options and be aware of the best strategy to achieve the best result for our client. Therefore, we negotiate with police in general at the first instance. This is to attempt to have the charges either dropped completely or amended to a less serious offence which carries a less significant penalty. Our lawyers are well respected by Magistrates and Judges throughout the State of NSW and this is due to their advocacy skills. These skills shine through in a defended hearing. So, when we are instructed to plead not guilty and defend the charges, our clients are guaranteed to have excellent representation on their side. If we must plead guilty to the offence but dispute the facts, this takes us to a ‘disputed facts’ hearing. Essentially here we are trying to have the police agree to amended facts to reflect less serious conduct by our client. The purpose of this is to reduce the charge or sentence. If there is no choice but to plead guilty to both the facts and the offence, it is then our primary concern to put our client’s best case forward at the sentence hearing and convince the Court to order the most lenient sentence possible.

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National Criminal Lawyers® in Hornsby are excellent at defending traffic matters, particularly drink driving offences. A traffic offence may look less serious, but there is a lot of potential for long-lasting consequences to be faced by people charged with such an offence. Repeated offending or traffic offences that are more serious on the spectrum can lead to loss of license, a criminal record, or even gaol time. We know how important it is to keep a driver’s license for the purposes of employment and keeping one’s independence. Ultimately, the Court must be satisfied that the offender is aware that a license is a privilege and not a right, so we ensure that we advise our clients of this. We know that a criminal record can be so detrimental to a person’s life, that we will go to great lengths for our clients to try avoiding such a result. We know there is nothing more stressful than waiting to find out if such dramatic consequences will be ordered by the Court or not, so we walk our clients carefully through the process step by step, ensuring we have everything under control so that they can just focus on their own wellbeing.

So, if you find yourself in a tough spot and you or anyone you know are under investigation or have been charged by police, please call National Criminal Lawyers® Hornsby on (02) 9893 1889 or 0415 179 794. Our mobile number is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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  • review rating 5  Guys if you are lucky to get Michael Moussa you case is covered. These guys go above and beyond. The best criminal laawyers in Sydney without a doubt. Thanks for all your professionalism and love you put into your clients and a special thank you to Michael for having my best interests at heart.

    thumb Andy Nguyen

    review rating 5  I highly recommend Michael Moussa as he helped me with my criminal case. He was up front and honest with me from the beginning and kept in contact with me through the whole process. He believed in me and I couldn’t have got through it without his help.

    thumb Tyler Walzak
  • review rating 5  Michael was a very comforting, informative and intellectual lawyer that guided me from beginning, throughout and end of my case. He achieved a excellent result and an outstanding non-conviction. When all hope was lost, Michael re-gained my confidence in the justice system.

    thumb V

    review rating 5  Def without a doubt the best lawyers in town. I had Michael Moussa from an appeal to District court for local court hearing where my previous lawyers screwed up my case. In two days he went through the full file and aced it. Now I can continue my life without a criminal conviction and continue with my career. I am indebted to this firm!

    thumb Mohammed Ahmed
  • review rating 5  Michael Moussa does what he says and says what he does. Initially I wanted to plead guilty until speaking to Michael from National Criminal Lawyers. He told me a defence exists in my matter and he would write to the police. My matter didn’t even make it to hearing. Even though I did a police recording a loop hole was found by Michael. Michael is an extremely good lawyer and very down to earth. Thank you Michael for everyone you did. I can now sleep well. We owe you the world. Mahmoud

    thumb AJ Waizi

    review rating 5  Michael's understanding of our situation is professional compassionate and understanding. All questions are answered directly with reassurance. We know we are in good hands with a positive outcome If by misfortune we require legal services again it would be National Criminal Lawyers. Highly Recommend!

    thumb Susan Manukonga
  • review rating 5  I would like to extend my thanks to Mr Michael Moussa for his professionalism, calm and empathetic manner when dealing with us. Especially during times when our options appeared limited, from the beginning he provided us with clear and directive advice. In all interactions Mr Moussa was helpful and responsive to all our questions and concerns, always keeping our best interest in mind throughout the case. Our family is eternally grateful for his amazing service and I would recommend Michael Moussa without reservation.

    thumb Tamzyn Hargreaves

    review rating 5  Great, reliable, professional and affordable. Thanks guys for an amazing job you did. A special thanks to Michael who overlooked my matter and got me a better result than what I was anticipating. Highly Recommended.

    thumb David Colori
  • review rating 5  It was definitely a wise choice to choose Michael as my laywer, I compared couple of best lawyers in Sydney but was impressed by Michael's capability and his always prompt response no matter when and where, he even helped me to look at my case while he was in holidays away from Australia. From 18 Jan I was so scared after being investigated by the police, but Michael helped me out and stopped the police from giving me any charges. I knew this couldn't be easily achieved I had chosen other lawyer. Thank you so much Michael and I sincerely wish you all the best.

    thumb Lingzhi Zhao

    review rating 5  Guys don't waste your time with the others. National Criminal Lawyers is the real deal. They got me more than what I imagined at a fraction of the price. Superb Service. Thank you so much Michael!!!

    thumb Amanda Kuznetsov

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