Let’s face it, fireworks can be really beautiful and entertaining. Nonetheless, backyard firework displays are illegal in NSW.

For some time now the Government has restricted the use of fireworks without a licence. Over the years, these strict laws that have come as a result of incidents . The number of incidents were closely related to the idea that people in the community did not carry licences and were using them in public places and not being considerate about others within the area.

NSW laws prohibit the unlicensed used of fireworks with a rigorous process in place to obtain a licence.

A recent video emerged online on Monday of a group of males were caught on camera driving around a Sydney suburb terrorising others with illegal high-powered fireworks. They even posted the video to social media showing a car being used as a rocket launcher spraying the  footpaths and the streets of Hurstville in Sydney and a fast food restaurant (McDonalds Hurstville South).

There were at least 10 fireworks that were fired from the vehicle. It is not clear when the video was taken because it has just recently gone viral on social media. No one was injured by the launching fireworks however, the Police are continuing to investigate who was behind that firework rage.

Some may think it’s entertaining and hilarious, but it can be very dangerous buying illegal fireworks as no one really knows how they are made and how they will explode once they are lit. There may be heavy punishments and sentences for the offence which you will see in more detail below.


A “Firework (single use) Licence” allows people to be able to purchase, possess, use, store or transport fireworks. This Licence is only valid for a one day event, an event that runs for 3 consecutive days or an extended display that runs longer than 3 consecutive days, but no longer than 3 months for an organised public event, or 12 months for a theatrical display. The Licence covers ground display fireworks, theatrical and indoor fireworks and Chinese string fireworks. Or if you want to use fireworks often, or include aerial shell type fireworks in your displays, you will need to apply for a “Pyrotechnician’s Licence” . It is a $55 fee to obtain the licence and in order to be eligible you must be over 18 years old or over and have received the appropriate training or instruction from a person holding a current pyrotechnician licence.



Very similar to fire arm offences, you must have a licence in order to possess, manufacture or sell fireworks. Fines may apply for the offence pursuant to Section 6 of the Explosives Act 2003, a licence is required for handling explosives and/or explosive precursors. The maximum penalties for breach of this section is 250 penalty units which is $27,500 for an individual, imprisonment for 12 months or both depending on the seriousness. Penalties for a corporation is 500 penalty units which is $55,000.



As mentioned above, the reason for the strict laws are for a safer community.

There has been many incidents of injury and deaths with the use of illegal firecrackers. The most recent incidents spoken about are from 2017 in New South Wales, a 52-year-old man on the Central Coast died while setting off a large commercial firework at Budgewoi Beach. He suffered serious head injuries, and despite the efforts of family and paramedics he could not be revived. The second incident is a man from Victoria Gippsand region dies after a firecracker reportedly exploded in his hand.  while the man was with his wife and friends celebrating new years! Another twenty year old man was hit by a firecracker and now suffers facial burns and injuries. In a related accident, a teenager suffered serious eye injuries after a firework exploded in his face at Blue Haven on the Central Coast . The 19-year-old was also trying to light a firework and suffered serious burns to his face at right after midnight.



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